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  1. Welcome to the forum GSM. While I am not a Heresy owner I do know that parts are available to restore the modified speaker to original configuration. I would have a hard time believing that tweeter would sound better that the original, that said without hearing it. Also better upgrade parts designed for that set of speakers are available as well - try the Bob Crites website as I have bought great replacement parts from him that fit exactly. www.critesspeakers.com - no relation to me other than I am a customer.


    P.S. Nice find!

  2. 20 minutes ago, willland said:

    I actually think that Yamaha has a better track record for reliability than all of them.

    I have used Yamaha products since 1989 and been very happy with them - still have the original integrated amp I powered my new at the time Chorus II's. Currently I am using one of Yamaha's Aventage receivers with and RF3 setup that has been without issue for many years and it sounds great. While I prefer Yamaha my advice is at least buy something at least midgrade.

  3. I stumbled on a deal for X11's just before Christmas and have used them for several days. Schu is right about the bass being lite but they do sound good and balanced - better than my R6's. They are lighter and easier to wear than any others I have tried. A bargain at the price I paid.

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  4. 1 hour ago, dtel said:

    What, wish someone would have said something earlier! :huh:   


    I agree with dtel, somebody should have told me sooner as well. I have Jubilee's in a 20 x 22 foot room and they sound better that my reference home theater and my Chorus II's. I think you need to redo your math. :)

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  5. 4 hours ago, DizRotus said:

    I prosecuted Terrible Ted twice for speeding.  His attorney — whom he later sued — was named Weed.


    Even funnier when you consider he does not drink or do drugs. He is the Motor City Madman.

  6. 15 minutes ago, oldtimer said:

    Wussification of our water?  Don't you love feeling the hard minerals pelting your back in the shower?  I know I do.  Soft water feels slimy slippery, like listening to a cd.

    Really loved the CD part of that comment.


    I'm from the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" group. Does the water get hot?

  7. 15 minutes ago, svberger said:

    What improvements, differences did you find when using them as mono blocks?


    I am using a pair of MC2002's bridged mono and the performance noticeably improved especially with respect to rise time / transient response. My Chorus II's had better mid-bass and the cymbals sustained nicely. Plus more power is better but I have run the amps into Powergard so yes the Chorus II's have no issue with power handling.

  8. 5 hours ago, dtel's wife said:


    Guys, this sub is amazing. It's really difficult to describe. Very musical. The bass is tight, clear and concise. 


    I can only think of one other place that sub would be at home - yup, my house. Very glad both of you are happy with it and please tell @Chief bonehead he needs to make me one. :)


    I love when something new makes you rediscover music that you already have and using it for movies is icing on the cake.


    Who did the finish? It looks really good.

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  9. 2 hours ago, Chris A said:

    The more you work to flatten the frequency response and correct phase issues (crossover interference band polar coverage/time alignment issues), the better and more transparent they sound.


    I tried Roy's settings this weekend and for "out of the box" they are very listenable unlike the settings I tried several months ago. These new settings are much smoother and work with a variety of music. The bass and midbass are well balanced. I now have the Xilica setup with presets for my settings as well as Roy's so it is easy to compare.


    Compared to my Chris A / REW / XConsole tuning the Roy settings seem to lose some detail and clarity maybe even some punch - I will be sticking with the configuration @Chris A worked up for me. I also plan to do some additional tinkering to better handle some bass issues that are related to my room.


    I am fairly literate on a PC and did not have any trouble configuring the Xilica or getting REW going. I would love to take a class on REW to better understand how to use it. That being said the help here on our forum has been great and Chris A really spent some time with me so I would be happy. The Xilica sounds amazing and I would recommend it over the passives being talked about for the K691. 

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  10. 17 hours ago, dtel's wife said:

    No skill set required...just a willingness to help.


    @billybob That describes my participation. So many things to do you will find your niche. I was asked to be at the booth and represent this effort. My first concern was "How can I speak for Klipsch, I'm a volunteer" to which I was asked "how many Klipsch speakers do you own". As I started counting on my fingers and went to my second had they said - "who knows more about Klipsch, you are the Festival goers. Problem solved and confidence given.


    Something not mentioned is getting to know the other museum supporters while working and over meals. I have a greater respect for those I met as I heard their stories and their love for Klipsch. I met some new friends at the Pilgrimage and with this work weekend got to know some of them on a more personal level. Makes me wish I was not living so far away from the museum.

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  11. 12 hours ago, dtel's wife said:

    By the way, there's s local guy in Hope that gives away a couple of thousand dollars every year during the Watermelon Festival. It's done as a scavenger hunt with a lot of the locals participating. Clues are given at regular intervals until the money is found. 


    That explains it, but now I realize I should have been searching for the money. :)


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