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  1. 53 minutes ago, burninator said:

    What have you done to it?

    Nice mustang and that will be fun. Let us know how the install goes.


    I understand the parts issues as there are almost no Crown Victoria performance parts, imagine that. The engine was build by Keith Craft Racing, not to to far from Hope AR, and is a 351 Windsor stroked to 410 with ~ 500 HP and Torque numbers - capable of 250 more on giggle juice. It does suck down about a gallon in a 1/4 mile pass. It runs the original AOD but with Kevlar parts and hardened shafts and outputs to a set of TractionLok'ed 410's.


    While going down the track is totally fun I really enjoy putting street tires on it to do burnouts. The only questions are how much tire smoke do you want and at what pitch should the tires sing - "drifts" well too. Admittedly it is funny to see peoples reactions - usually laughter after seeing the hood scoop but jaw drops when hearing the somewhat streetable cam. I call it stupid power and as you can see it is a driver not a show car. It does still ride like a Crown Vic - smoooooth.


    I am loving the other hot rods being shown!!!



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  2. I was really enjoying this thread but it has been quiet for many days now so I thought I would start some fun with my non-FORD forum friends - not looking to create enemies though. So attached is my Hemi-killer that I built from my mom's car about 17 years ago. I use to drag race it at the track to annoy my Chevy friends with muscle cars. Nothing like coming out of the end of the track ahead of your buddies. :)


    P.S. I have learned to not be to uppity as you don't know what the next guy is running.




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  3. I plan on using a pair of bridged XLS1500's on the bass bins of my Jubilees but won't be able try it for about 10 days. Am going to try both SS and tubes on the 402. I know that does not help now but I will follow up on what I learn as I am just starting this journey. I have several configurations to try.


    I use 1500's in my PA systems and they do sound good. I have compared them with Peavey, Behringer, QSC, and Pyle - the Crown's are, to me, better with vocals if not the whole range.

  4. 12 hours ago, M_Klipsch said:

    As to that blower Chevy uses the blown LT4 Corvette engine in the ZL1 Camaro.


    Yes, but is it covered in chrome and sticking out of the hood with dual quads and velocity stacks on top. A proper blower must obstruct some of your forward vision - oh and whine pretty loud. ;)


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  5. While I am a FORD guy  I do like a lot of different cars. A friend of mine has the Buick GS Stage 1 model and it is very nice. He taught me the ballet that happens at the tree. I'm liking this thread.


    14 hours ago, M_Klipsch said:

    Making it faster seems sorta pointless.


    M_Klipsch needs to be sent to "re-education" as too much is only almost enough. :) A nice 6-71 sticking out of the hood of that Camaro would make it perfect.


    P.S. Also not sure how "responsible" fits in this hobby except maybe having to get a job to bu the needed upgrades.



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  6. 1 hour ago, burninator said:

    3.73 in mine, which I always thought was a great balance.


    I have the 4.10's in both my fun car and in my Mustang GT daily driver - I agree totally on the 3.73 comment. The Mustang is a lot of fun with tire smoking on command 4.10's but at highway speeds in 5th the engine is singing pretty good and my "mom kick you out of the house" exhaust system makes it worse. Took the Mustang to get new quieter mufflers and they slip fit several as demo's - first time I went to a muffler shop and came away louder than when I got there, due to FlowMaster 2 chamber mufflers.

  7. I did the Power Tour, 2003 I think, when Nashville was the starting point. Every stop was a car show and the general public's reactions are great too. I took out the 410's and put in 355's - got 13 miles to the gallon that way. All kinds of cars and nice people as well. Enjoy!

  8. Okay, that AVR is very much overkill for 2 channel sound, I like it.


    I was wondering if you were going to ask about subwoofers. First a disclaimer - my experience with outdoor sound is with PA systems that I built and used for local bands - I can play anything but a stereo, In the early days I did not use sub's and when added later they made a huge difference with a lot of music. You really have two questions to answer.

    • When listening outdoors what is the purpose? (Having friends over and talking or a musical performance)(Ambience or concert :))
    • What will your neighbors tolerate?

    My first thought was of course Yes, it fills in the bottom octave that is usually missing with any small speaker and will make a significant difference. You may have some challenges depending on the area you want covered. For my PA's I set up 4 18" subs with more than enough power - don't under power your speakers as you already know. This approach is not really practical for you and the 18" subs for PA's are not aesthetically pleasing according to my wife - low WAF.


    If you do decide on a sub-woofer I can tell you it will make the whole system louder and fuller as some work will be taken from the AW's and redirected by your AVR to the sub. When you set your AVR to "small speakers" for the AW's it will set the low cutoff somewhere around 80 to 100Hz meaning more of the 135 watts is available for work above that.

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  9. Greetings @dks and welcome to the forum. I'm at work so a short reply for now. From the model I am assuming you are using these outdoors. Unless your current receiver has pre-amp outs the power amps you have listed will have connectivity issues, plus I would have issues running the Pyle and maybe with the Behringer as they are not known for their sound quality. Maybe look at Crown, possibly the XLS series. (I love B&H) I am not recommending this solution but commenting on the amps.


    If your receiver is really putting out 90 watts it is rated slightly above the speaker rating of 85 and would seem to be okay. I will admit to burning up tweeters in the 1980's playing CD's with too little power - I use 2 to 6 times the rated speaker power now - yes I am into overkill but have not cooked any speaker in years and never a Klipsch.



    • Purchase a more powerful receiver instead of just a power amp - you may like the new features.
    • Since you are playing the AW's loud enough to cook them you should consider a better/bigger speaker capable of the sustained sound levels you want to get.

    I'm thinking the second option is where you will end up in the long run if high volume levels are needed, Again welcome to the forum and I am sure others will chime in tonight.

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  10. 49 minutes ago, USNRET said:

    Lockheed releases a civilian version of the C103J for sale called the L100.

    I'm thinking its a civilian version of the C130? I lived on a lot of Air Force bases with my family.

  11. 15 minutes ago, dwilawyer said:

    He wants an improvement, not perfection, and he has a $200 budget.  There is no way to get any improvement?


    For $200 the choir mic technique may be the only choice and I have done that with mic's on stands. Unfortunately the issue still remains of the children not projecting well and with the mic's several feet away the problem will still exist. I would agree that this technique will provide some improvement especially for the children that do speak up.


    P.S. This technique can pick up a lot of unwanted noise as well such as paper shuffling and sounds made by the children moving around.

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  12. While not a professional I have done live sound for 30+ years and learned mostly the hard way. Currently I am mixing sound for my church that has children sing and perform plays and skits, mostly around holidays. We have the same issue hearing the children especially the younger ones. The only solution I have found that works is to mic each of them. I do not work for Shure but I do use their wireless SLX mic's for this purpose - cheap mics are feedback producers. Also some eq'ing is needed but since I am using identical mics the parametrics are almost the same for each. *** One must remind the parents to have children dress in clothing that the wireless mic can be attached too, including the transmitter pack.


    I very much agree with @DrWho as he is explaining my hard lessons with the laws of physics. Lastly I do "ride the mutes" and for that reason also use mute groups as well - anything to raise GBF. :)


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  13. Thanks to your advice yesterday I ordered one from Parts Express this morning. Should be here Friday and I will spend some time learning it before the Jubilees get here. I use a Behringer DEQ 2496 to set up PA systems so I get the idea but REW is much more comprehensive - been reading the help file. Hopefully I'll get the hang of it so my questions on the forum might even appear as "intelligent". :)


     I am interested to see how my current system analyses as I was all done by ear except for using a test CD and SPL meter to set the mono amps to have some parity in gain structure. Thanks again!

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  14. I heard back from another member who suggested REW, sorry my question was not clear - and after doing more reading realized it was talked about on this thread earlier. So also realized a lot of three way stuff is going on and I am looking at the Xilica XP-4080 so it can be expanded beyond 2 way, if needed.

    I'll read more before I jump into the middle of a conversation sorry about that too. Thanks for the feedback and let me know if REW is not a good choice.

  15. 150 Watts - is that peak or RMS, at 4 or 8 ohms (maybe 16 ohms :ph34r: ), and all channels driven? :)


    The beautiful thing about Klipsch is efficiency - maybe a good thing they don't know to write rules to cover them.


    There was a day when you could listen to a good sound system in the school library alas those days are gone.

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