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    Well I needed to get to 10 posts to edit my profile so please excuse this one.
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    I am not sure about CSNY opening acts as that was more my brothers music. I must admit I like Neil a lot but a lot of CSN was too slow for me. Probably should not admit this but I was in the Ted Nugent phase at that point, much to my fathers chagrin. He did buy me some Koss Pro 4AA's so he did not have to live through it - still have them. Dad was smart that way as they were better than the KLH speakers he had so he knew I would use them. Now that I think of it those speakers had a 6 connector plug to make them work. Wonder what was up with that? Tim
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    I too would like to thank you for the welcome. I recently added vacuum tubes to my main system after playing with an ST-70 for a couple of years- really renewed my interest. Of course that led to Crites upgrades to my Chorus II's which I am very happy with. I am lucky as my family gives me 4 to 5 hours of quiet on Friday nights so I can listen. But my wife is getting tired of the Nancy Sinetra SACD but I love the 3D of the vocals, strings, and brass. I would appreciate some advice on getting my 14yo daughter interested as she thinks her phone sounds great. Yes I know that Nancy is not helping but I would have never left the house if my dad had Klipsch. It drives me a little crazy that she is uninterested even when I play her music. On the other side of the coin I understand why she is not a car nut - something about the smell of raw gas and oil but I call it perfume. Thanks again for the welcome and hope to see you at the Pilgrimage!
  4. I have both tube and solid state and agree with several here that diversity is good. I use solid state for my CF3's as it appears that they like a lot of power and did not sound great at 30 tube watts. Grand Funk Railroad sounds awesome on them. On the other hand I use tubes on my Chorus II's and a they produce a 3D soundstage I have not gotten with solid state yet. I typically start listening to tubes at lower volumes and then finish the night with solid state. i must admit I find tubes to be a lot of fun and picked up a 1929 Majestic radio recently and can,t wait to get it going. The real problem here is WAF as it is hard not to get addicted to either!
  5. Wow and treated with a Tesla coil. I think I will skip the fuses and get the coil instead to treat my whole system- a lot more fun to be had.
  6. I would love to have those but a little too far for me - would also have to check on the WAF as well. Looking forward to going on the Pilgrimage and hearing Jubilees.
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    Welcome Waxburger, I too lurked around here except for me it was years. I have learned much and most people are very easy going.
  8. My Mac amps make unicorns and rainbows come out of my Chorus II's - very magical. Sometimes a little tube rolling is required.
  9. I use a penny but you need an old copper one. On the serious side I must admit this is the last thing I would think of but would be interested if someone had some facts.
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