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    System 1: Marantz SA 14 SACD/CD, WTL Amadeus with Dyna 20L, DeHavilland Ultraverve, Bryston 4BSST, Vandersteen 3A Sig
    System 2: Pioneer Elite DV79 CD/SACD, Bottlehead SmashUp alternates with Mc MX113 (DeWick) , AVA Ultravalve, DIY Cornscalas
    System 3: MacBook,Meridian Director, Pass ACA Monos alternate with Aktika GT-101, KG4s (Crites Xover repair kit installed)

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  1. Hi, Have a pair as well. Big upgrade from the OWI's that I had. I mounted vertically at about the same distance in between. Slight toe in. Ended up getting some ball mounts because the brackets wouldn't work in my space.
  2. setting up in listening room, Forte II in background for scale
  3. Another image from the build and some other details. Soldered the woofer connections, did some internal cabinet bracing and used GR Research NoRez (ordered and used most of 4 24x27 sheets). Mostly Kreg joinery and cabinets feel very solid. 3/4 inch Baltic Birch ply bought last year before it went up in cost. The mid horn build was not too bad but sanding by hand was tedious. These are very heavy, had to go up 2 flights of stairs from my basement/shop to my listening room. Did this with a helper and moving straps. Listening to them with Bottlehead Smash preamp, alternating between 5W/side Pass Amp Camp monos (old style) and 35W/channel Van Altstine Ultravalve. All combinations of the above work well with these.
  4. Standard Cornscala B stock components with modified JWC design and Harris mid horns. IMG_8669.HEIC
  5. Cornwalls in CRV (2016) with back seat down/flattened? Has anyone been successful, looks close by measurements of CRV space.
  6. OK, figured I was oversimplifying, will read up on nominal impedance. Thanks for your replies
  7. Klipsch Forte II, stock except for Crites crossover, sound great, good output from all drivers when playing music. With my volt meter I get 4 Ohms at the binding posts rather than 8. I realize my voltmeter is sending DC for measurement. Checked volt meter for accuracy with some resistors, seems to be working fine. Any insights?
  8. Hello, How about a pair of Chorus II in a Honda CRV? Its a 4hr drive one way so I want to be as sure as possible.
  9. I have built the GT 101, predecessor kit to the GT 102. Really fun build and powered up first time without problems. Have been using it ever since but mostly with KG4 and KG 2.5. A link to my review is below. Highly recommended kit, Im thinking of doing the Akitika preamp. https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=144923.0
  10. Thanks for all of the replies. I missed out in the deal and am still looking.
  11. Thanks for he replies, reviving this because I have rethought it. I have another room with perfect corners on the front walls but no rear wall, (opens onto stair landing.) Would the absence of a rear wall be a problem?
  12. Hey Bama Mike, Im not far away in Bham. Nice set up!
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