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  1. and this https://www.klipsch.com/news/klipsch-refreshes-iconic-cornwall-speaker-enthusiasts-get-first-listen-at-rocky-mountain-audio-fest-2019
  2. see below https://www.audioxpress.com/news/klipsch-refreshes-iconic-cornwall-speaker-at-rocky-mountain-audio-fest-2019
  3. It's disappointing to me about the corners still being a requirement. I can't put them in corners-this quote from the Klipsch website got my hopes up. eliminates the need for the loudspeakers to be positioned tightly in the corner of a listening room
  4. Thanks, I googled and watched some videos but none of what I found covered that exact topic. I checked out the link and will contact the vendor.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a pair of vintage Klipsch (or maybe Cornscala) to try to veneer. I think I understand the large flat surface application process. The front of the speaker that surrounds the grill has mitered veneer corners on my Forte II's. Has anyone tried to miter the veneer, it seems like a tricky process. I'd appreciate any hints. Thanks
  6. I was a little intimidated with learning to solder but found it a rewarding skill to learn. My kit-building started with Akitika which has really well written instructions and a very nice sound though solid state. My kid is using it with a pair of KG 2's. Great support form the Akitika designer. I picked it up from him and he showed me a few soldering tips. The rest I learned off of youtube with a circuit board and some resistors I got from Radio Shack for practice. Learning to solder opened up so many possibilities. Ive done some speaker wires and a number of small projects including Crites xover rebuild kits for the Klipsch I use. I then did the DIY Pass ACA monos and eventually a Bottlehead Smash pre, now using this setup with Forte II. I have a pair of KG 4 and am also thinking of trying Elekit for them.
  7. Random Orbital sander? What grit would you use?
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