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  1. I have seen a few within a days drive of San Diego in the past year. Not too many "deals", but they are available. The discount gained by driving farther may not be worth the gas.

    What I Got Today!

    Izzat custom anodizing?
  3. Master “D” has disclaimed dancing. He plays a wicked cool living room system.
  4. It is a rather high cost of living locale so some of that is reflected. Dunno if there is demand at that price point. If you are patient and can drive there are cheaper alternatives.

    Thanks Chad

    And I must add my thanks to Chad, for performing yeoman's work these past few days to reconstruct and safeguard this forum.
  6. I would be leery of wetting the cone too much. Some others with restoration experience may have more precise recommendations. I do advise wearing an good mask and eye protection and latex/vinyl or nitrile gloves when cleaning areas contaminated with rodent droppings. In my part of the country the rodents carry various viruses (Hanta; West Nile; etc.) and these may be transmitted by the urine and feces. Enjoy the ‘Scalas!
  7. What I see is a member who is a credit to the forum. Thanks for your considerations.
  8. Sir: I do not think dese guys are out to bust yer chops, it’s some of us are a bit pedantic. I’ll not be bidding because -I live in Phoenix and the shipping would hurt -I already have a pair. Of la Scala.
  9. Dave: There are several members who have demonstrated superior skills at both new construction finishing and restoration. - @CECAA850 Has built and veneered many cabinets and his posts detail how to avoid many procedural and technique errors. - @longdrive03 has restored many Heritage speakers with stunning results. His posts have you follow his progress, and are less instructive for beginners, but the results are spectacular. - @Matthews has done more that one la Scala restore with high end furniture results. He is spending more time restoring automobiles lately, but if he drops in and engages he has mad skills. My skills top out at applying Watco or Danish oil, but there are many experienced members here, and they will probably be jumping in soon with ideas and resources. Enjoy the forum!
  10. Beaters, but a good price in the current market. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Gentlemen: I present for your perusal an article from a French periodical regarding protests painted on the parkways which are paths for the peloton during the Tour de France. In honor of the alliterative title of this thread, I have re-titled the piece “Peloton, Protests, Politics and Pen-isis. It reminds me of some tasks I was given when I was in the Army. https://www.rouleur.cc/blogs/the-rouleur-journal/the-eraser-men?fbclid=IwAR2vwqUN-5V5IN5MfMPtcicxw8GHIJ8OVRfhHPfHdptcQf9iYJYC5OJp6Z8 Note: While I support the enjoyment of our Bill of Rights, I do not condone defacing private or public structures. Graffiti can be a powerful tool for social awareness and positive change, but ask before ya paint someone’s fence.
  12. Follow up: Unruly shrubberies beheaded. Five mesquite trees pruned. Three of them savagely. Tomorrow I play the Lone Ranger: 🎼🎶To da dump, to da dump, to da dump, dump, dump!🎵 The tree you can’t see behind the white shed, was dealt with harshly. It had overgrown into two neighbors yards (fouling pool filters with the tiny leaves) and was threatening the shed. It has since learned better manners.
  13. First one sez “Hi” Second one introduces itself Third one dominates the craic
  14. Beautiful. Are you anywhere near Dahlonega?
  15. Monsoon ravages Chandler. Trees genuflect, shrubberies kneel before it’s power. Elected officials (insert your puppet here) react slowly/poorly (Films at 11)
  16. Yeah. My map shows BFE Nevada. Closer to San Francisco than Phoenix, but still a good deal.
  17. If ya slice and book match it will make scary faces. Very nice figuring on the exposed faces.
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