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  1. @vuthecuongjapan if you type the symbol @ and then the persons screen name, that person is alerted that there is a message directed to them. @Dave A And welcome to the forum. As to your question: To my knowledge there is a LMAHL which will fit the La Scala I. Dave has also produced the horn lens from oak and walnut. These cost a bit more, but look beautiful. I do not own his product, but many forum members have used them and report favorably and enthusiastically about its efficacy. JBCODD


    Got my first Corona injection today.....
  3. That will certainly beat the heck out of dust collecting suspension cables. I too had looked for suitable brackets but didn't find a one. El Jefe comes through in the clutch.
  4. With all the "hard points" you could fly it from the ceiling using 3/8 eye bolts and chain or wire rope. This would allow for easier vertical changes/adjustments versus moving a shelf.

    Leaving the Forum

    Happy New Year!
  6. Gave away alla da pies I made yesterday. "Due to the Pandemic" more neighbors at home. So I had to knock out five more real quick to restock the house, for the kids to share with their SO's. This years production was about 45 pies, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not as low as 2018, the year of the great gourd shortage, but next year should be better. NOTE: I still have enough punkin for 7 more pies, but this is the strategic reserves.
  7. No. I don't have enough pie pans to support the throughput, and most of these go to neighbors and various leaders at my church, so I don't want to send out the pans I do have. But I'm planning on that next year for some of the product.
  8. Looks like I underestimated the yield. After running alla da cooked punkin thru the trusty RonCo Blend'O Matic I've got about three gallons of purée. So if each pie takes two cups, which iz 16 oz, and a gallon is 128 oz, let's see: 7x13=28. Carry the two, convert to metric and I will get 17 hectares uv pie. Me Gusta. First five in the oven, didn't dent the purée supply. May get three dozen outa dis. Too many equis
  9. Doing the prep work for this years Christmas batch 'O punkin pies. They won't all fit in the oven, so I'll bake some, boil others and perhaps smoke a section or two for a flavor experiment. Should yield at least a dozen pies. Neighbors will be happy. second pic is music to bake by. It's a seventies explosion. Wife is at work, so the volume is up. Using the decorated La Scala's, enhanced by a pair of Exodus subs. Will post later on progress. As predicted, they would not fit.
  10. Dat's Bill Gates inna meme, not Dr Fauci.
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    Joe could give Marcel Marceau a run for his money. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/pinky-ringery/n10305
  13. For truly superior performance, the drive head of the screws must also be considered. Slotted screws are NOT to be used. Phillips head may be used on non-Klipsch speakers. Square drive are to be used on non-Heritage speakers. Heritage speakers require Torx drive screws. The lobes diffuse unwanted resonances and boost many to the ultrasound band, where they can pop corn for your enjoyment. There are many schools of thought on materials used for the screws, with stainless steel and brass being touted by opposing camps. For true audiophile uses I prefer a stainless/molybdenum blend, doped with a hint of magnesium in a high density plasma reactor. Then implanted with cobalt, and finished with a nice titanium nitride deposition. Of course these must be heat treated to properly diffuse the various additives and then quenched in oil refined and blended at the following proportions: -10% sperm whale -10% walrus -10% Newfoundland baby seal -70% Extra Virgin Olive oil, grown on the slopes of Vesuvius, crushed by donkey driven granite wheels and pressed before the rains. Olives grown on Mt Aetna may be used in a pinch. Avoid olives from Corleone. These are controlled by the GenCo operation, and come with strings attached.
  14. Welcome to the forum. Closest set I found on Craigslist is in Dallas. Priced rather high for the condition https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/dallas-klipsch-speakers/7231170314.html None closer on E Bay, and all over $3000. I advise patience. I got a set of refinished birch regular for $1200 three years ago, and have seen others for reasonable prices. They come up for sale occasionally here in the southwest, but be prepared to drive to get them. I've seen them here in the Phoenix metro area, but also in Tucson and Albuquerque. (And all points in between)
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    In front of a door: Matt on a grill: Frank over a fence: Homer full of old jokes: Joe (me)
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