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    What was the cutoff for entry. 5k posts? At my rate I'd have been eligible in just 27 more years...... I'd have been talking smack at 88 years old........."Matlock!"
  2. Summer is here. Was 112 today, could reach 115-118 this weekend. 7-Day Forecast Tomorrow Jul 8 H 110 ° L 86 ° Thursday Jul 9 H 111 ° L 87 ° Friday Jul 10 H 113 ° L 89 ° Saturday Jul 11 H 115 ° L 89 ° Sunday Jul 12 H 117 ° L 91 ° Monday Jul 13 H 114 ° L 89 ° Tuesday Jul 14 H 110 ° L 87 °

    What I Got Today!

    Not in the same league as Snarkmaster Smith, but the figs are coming in. Got about two pounds today. Will harvest some termaters tomorrow and make sauce. Yum. But seriously @Thaddeus Smith Your gardens look prime. The flavor of home grown veggies is incredible.
  4. Not sure if grilling can get any manlier than this.......


    Fun with breakfast, and a blast from de past.
  6. The company I work for just made wearing face masks mandatory in all areas of the campus (except the chow halls and smoking areas) Not much of a change for the factory workers, but the carpet dwellers will have to adapt.
  7. For your consideration. No affiliation. https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/msg/d/tempe-jbl-2206h-12-8-ohm-like-new/7137286887.html
  8. The "Close Cover Before Striking School of Ministry, and Heavy Machinery" This Book produced the Reverend Dr. Billy Sol Hargus.......
  9. Parting The Waters America In The King Years 1954-63 by Taylor Branch Recommended by my son, Matthew who is a Nazarene Pastor. Kind of a timely read at present.
  10. Been To Kansas City in A Minor. by Frank Zappa
  11. Not really very spicy. The green peppers had flavor but very little bite. The red ones are less hot than jalapeños, and mellow in the prolonged simmer. It turned out delicious. Ate some and have the rest frozen in a pair of one quart zip locks, for the long, hard Phoenix winter.
  12. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    A big fat happy grin. I had time on Friday to bring my Forte I speakers in from the garage and give them a listen. (Back story: early last year my wife flew to Co. Springs to visit our daughters family. The Friday she was to fly home she went to an estate sale and saw some speakers with Klipsch badges ((We don't need no stinking badges)). She took pix of the front and back, texted them to me and then called. They were listed at $450. My first response was Buy! Buy! Buy! From the low resolution photos, they looked to be finished in black. After the excitement wore off I realized that A. I had no way to geT them to Az, and B. I had nowhere in the house to fit them, I told my wife to let them be. She tolerating my audio mania said " How about we send Nora back on Sunday? If they are still there they will be half price. We can then worry about getting them to Az." They were still there on Sunday. A wire transfer later they were mine, albeit in my daughters closet. Fast forward to three weeks ago. My wife, being intolerant of the heat and having no work (as a nurse she does pre-anesthesia screening at a local hospital. Due to Covid cancellation of all elective surgeries, she gets no hours) got bored and decided to go to Co. My daughter refused to receive her if she flew. (Our son in law has a condition which makes him very susceptible to respiratory illness. Covid would kill him) So my wife drove. Which meant she brought the speakers back. (Along with the grand kids. Grand Slam!) The grandkids were a joy, helping me pick figs, maters and 🌶, and also having all sorts of abventures. The speakers ended up being Forte I, finished with walnut veneer. Bonus! End of backstory) Any way, I brought them in and hooked them up. I played an assortment of favorites and was quite impressed. They are pictured in their initial placement, mixed between my la Saclas and Anarchy subwoofers. I listened without the subs. They are very impressive. Only drawback is that it takes almost a full watt of power to give the volume that the la Scala get at just above .33 watts. But they will thump! Me Gusta! Also shown is the music sampled so far. Up next are the Brandenburg Concertos, Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert von Karajan conducting. His interpretation is a bit staid and formal, but the recording is well done.
  13. Prolly around 1700-1730. PM for directions.
  14. Maters diced, added and stirred. (Damn that wuz fast. Just like a cooking show.) Just a few 🌶 and 🍅 left for snacking. Now for the slow, agonizing wait for the sauce to mature.............
  15. Onion sliced, peppers minced. A bit more irl and fig reduction and apply calories as the maters are diced.
  16. Picked some vitamin packed goodness from the garden this AM: maters and peppers. The onion was purchased. Laid out the fixings for a nice pasta dressing: - Queen Creek Olive Mill Extra Virgin olive irl - ". ". ". ". Balsamic & fig reduction - Maters and three varieties of chilis - onion - pot with oregano, irl, garlic powder and balsamic reduction - three mostly empty bottles of @oldtimer hot sauce* *(NOTE: hot sauce not used in this recipe. Placed here to highlight dwindling supply in the hopes of stimulating production) Ready to begin slicing and dicing
  17. JBCODD


    Sound advice:
  18. In the interest of diversity, I bring you this "Blast From De Past". From the harvest of 2012, I present The Return of de Son of Mr. Tomato Head (Please note de habanero ears)
  19. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    Sounds delicious. I'll try that when the second batch ripens. All out of the first. Sent the last of them north to Colorado when my granddaughters went home.
  20. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    Yes indeed. I pruned the tree aggressively last winter so there are not too many in the first fruiting. They are larger than last year, though. The second fruiting looks to be a bumper crop, if I can keep the birds offa them.
  21. "Return ofThe Son of Mr. Pepperhead" The Covid Vampire Alfalfa version, 2020! Brought to you live (or undead) from Rancho Twopacabra, Chandler, Az. Made with the help of two of my granddaughters, Braelynn Joy Walker and Guinevere Sky Walker. (Yes, her parents named her Sky Walker)
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