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  1. UPDATE!! I had a good deal on a center channel, so I got the RP-440C. I actually thought I was getting the 450C, but accidentally ordered the 440C. I looked at the specs back to back and the only difference I can see is about an extra kHz on the range. Since my towers kick in far before then, I'm not worried about it. I found a deal through a Fry's Electronics one day promo, so I got the R-115SW on sale for $400 +tax. It's a beast to move. Not able to hook it up until Friday though Hoping to get the punch and clarity I'm wanting.
  2. Hi Bill, Thanks for the welcome! I found an authorized internet distributor listed at the Klipsch homepage on Ebay. I got a deal on the RP-280F's due to damaged packaging. I was assured that the discount was purely for package damage, and that the speakers themselves were untouched and in perfect condition, but I got the pair for just under $800. Ideally, I would like to find similar deals or discounts for the other items when I purchase. I figure I can dump about a grand every 2 months or so and still be comfortable; saving up a bit longer for the final speaker purchase with the AVR. You would recommend the Sub over the center channel 1st? May I ask you reasoning behind that? I have read many reviews, and quite a few of them said you could get away with not running a sub, so I figured I could hold off on that until after the center channel. Why would you put the sub first if I might ask? Thanks for the input! -Joe
  3. Howdy everyone! Please forgive any layman's terms, or face-palming I might cause. I'm new to all this. I've decided to invest in a decent speaker system. Right now I'm using some cheap Sony bookshelves I bought back in high school, a cheap Polk center channel, and some hand-me-down towers. All powered by a Pioneer VSX-552 700W 5.1 amp I bought a couple years ago. I got a new job and want to upgrade, as I really like movies and very much love music. However, I can't drop the kind of cash all at once for what I want. I've got 2 RP-280F's on the way, and eventually want to build up to a Reference Premiere 7.1 or 7.2 system consisting of 4 RP-280F's - 2 in front, 2 in back 1 RP-450C - Center channel obviously 2 RP-250S's - directly left and right 1-2 R-115SW - as there isn't a RP sub (*sigh*) Some sort of receiver to be purchased later when I'll have the components to warrant the need of a 7.1/7.2 receiver. I don't know if I want to do an Atmos system, but can add the elevation speakers later if I want; don't think I will. My question is this: WHAT DO I BUY NEXT!?!?!?????? I was thinking the center channel, as I can still use my dad's towers (hand-me-downs) for the back L & R. Then the sub, then the other 2 RP-280F's, then finally the 2 RP-250's and the 7.1 receiver to finish it off. FYI, my dad's hand-me-downs are 2 Synergistics S-62's. They're very decent speakers, but I think the Klipsch's will show them up. I would love any kind of advice or input the community here might offer. I'm worried that I'm missing something obvious, and it will come back to bite me in the butt. THANKS IN ADVANCE!! - Joe
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