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  1. I spent the last two nights working on the first speaker. I used Zip Strip paint remover with a plastic scraper and wire brush to remove the paint. Then I applied Howards Restore A Finish and Wax N Feed. The pictures don't do justice to the results. The crossovers were mailed out today to be re-capped. The only remaining task is to decide what to do with the paint in the back of the dog houses. For now, in lack of a better plan, I have left it alone. Back panel before and after Zip Strip. Side by side is the comparing the refreshed cabinet vs. untouched.
  2. Thanks Maximus. I forgot the mention the cabinets are raw birch and I want keep them as close to original as possible. Im thinking about using Howard’s restore a finish (neutral or natural pine). I also forgot to ask to ask about the safest way to remove paint from the back of the cabinet. I’ve never stripped paint from wood before. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. This past weekend, I saw and purchased a set of 78 La Scala from a knowledgeable and friendly member through the Garage Sale forums. I plan on refreshing the AA crossovers through Bob Crites. While the crossovers are out, I’d like to spend a day or two on the cabinets. I plan to use 0000 steel wool, Howard’s restore and/or feed n wax. I’m asking for recommendations: 1. Best way to reduce/remove water ring 2. At one point the cabinets were painted. They have been stripped but residual paint remain in the pores of the wood plus in the back of the bass bin. I think I’ll end up painting the back of the bass bins to cover it up. Any suggestions there? 3. The grills were added by the owner. Would people keep the grills or remove them? I’m torn. Looking forward to a fun project and to enjoy these for a long time! Kelly
  4. Thanks Jeff! I hope to enjoy these for a long time. Pleasure to meet you! Kelly
  5. Sad I missed on this. Been looking for Lascala or Belles and these were in my backyard. I stopped coming here everyday because my wife says I have a problem. The problem is i missed these!
  6. No affiliation. I would love to have a room for these. https://madison.craigslist.org/ele/d/madison-klipsch-theater-speakers-kpt/6786255902.html
  7. So, two days in.... primary source of music is Spotify from my pc using a cheap amazon dac. (I ordered a longer s/pdif from amazon so I can connect directly to my NAD and use the internal dac). I’m hoping that will give me a slight improvement. Overall I’m excited about the improved sound. I’ve experimented back and forth using the NAD to power my speakers and then using the NAD as a preamp and my Adcom GFA-5400 as a power source. Tonight I decided the Adcom power made a noticeable improvement. Tonight is the best I’ve heard the chorus ii sound. Considering the source was Spotify, I am excited about trying higher quality files. On a a side note, I set up a Pro-Ject turntable for the first time with the one record I own - I enjoy the sound of vinyl! It feels like a rabbit hole but I’m going down it!!
  8. Apparently Wisconsin is a hot bed of used hifi equipment this week. Within 24 hours I found a Rotel A14 and NAD C368 available within 30 minutes of me. Each unit in perfect condition. Its funny because I was looking for ultimate sound quality. I ended up picking up the NAD because it was black to match the rest of my components vs the Rotel’s silver case (plus a few hundred $ cheaper). I guess in the end, I’m a little picky about that. Ill be connecting tonght and testing this weekend!
  9. Thanks for everyone's feedback. The Rotel A12 and Cambridge CXA60 are the most economical decisions (even after adding a phono stage for the Cambridge). I'm still debating if I should go to a higher end unit like the Cambridge Audio Azur 851A. I would need to add a phono stage and eventually a DAC but those would be upgrade-able pieces down the road as needed and maybe should be separate anyway?
  10. Hello! It's time for me to upgrade from my hand me down Adcom gear (GFP-400 & GFA-5400). The amp has gotten "noisy" so I'm looking to upgrade. I have a hard ceiling of $1,000. Under $800 would be awesome. This is a 2.1 system. Speakers are Klipsch Chorus II with Crites tweeters and refreshed crossovers. I'll be connecting my PC for streaming, Marantz cd player, Pro-Ject turntable and a M&K MX-105 subwoofer. My goal is the best sounding set up I can get for the money. I'm not necessarily concerned with wifi or app control but both are fine. Convenience is secondary - I have another 2.2 setup for casual music. I've been to two local hifi shops. One carries NAD + others and the other Parasound. I'm ok with internet purchases and ebay. I've considered: NAD C368 PeachTree Audio Nov220SE (would be used and need separate phono stage) Schiit Saga and Vidar (would need to add phono stage) Rotel A12 Cambridge Audio CXA60 and CXA80 (would need separate phono stage) Nuprime IDA-8 (would need separate phono stage) (appear to be above budget) Vintage and Serviced Marantz (2240)/ Harman Kardon (730 or 930) from ebay. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thank you! Kelly
  11. Not sure about shipping options but these have been for sale for a while in Milw. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-slant-stage/6203771419.html
  12. Can anyone offer a suggestion on how to remove adhesive from grills? I've tried several rounds of goo gone. I'm thinking of buying new badges directly from Klipsch and they won't cover the leftover adhesive from the original badges. Thanks!
  13. Listened for about 45 minutes last night and they sound fantastic. Still have to play around with position in the room (corners vs off the wall). I'm excited for some time this weekend!
  14. Thanks Adam. The pro amp and mixer were negotiated out of the deal . Im pretty sure they were the source of the tweeter problems!
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