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  1. Might be moving forward with a HT system that uses Heresys or Fortes for the L/R channels. The purists might want all vintage Klipsch speakers to be driven only with tubes from now to eternity, but that is a non-starter for me. I've read that SS equipment can be "OK" if it "matches well" with horn-driven sound of vintage Klipsches. Short of auditioning a half-dozen receivers (ain't gonna happen), what can I do? Are there particular brands of receivers that have characteristics that match better than others? Are there specific features I should look for in a receiver when driving vintage Klipsches? Or is this issue too subtle for all but hardcore audiophiles? Consider me to be a wannabe audiophile with a degree of age-related hearing impairment. Again, I'm talking home theater, not a dedicated stereo system. Thanks. This is a great forum.
  2. Hi, folks. If the taxman is good to me, I can start building my home theater audio system. I wish to do things in stages. First up: the main stereo speakers. My priority with the audio system is on hi-fi music. I care more about critical listening of good music than on capturing the lowest rumbles of the passing tanks in Saving Private Ryan. My budget looks like it can handle something like a good used pair of Heressy's or something from the low end of the new Reference Series floor-standing speakers. I'll add a subwoofer and center channel later, but not right away. I'm think'n the vintage route is the best way to go. What do you think? How do the R-24's or R-26's compare the Heressy II's?
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