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    B&W 603s3 main 600LCR center 600s3 surround in the bedroom, Klipsch rf82ii, rc62ii and energy inwalls for the surround in the living room, B&W 602s3 in the office. marantz receivers on all the above

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  1. not surprised it went quick. cd players are worth more now than they were 10 years ago. got me why. you couldn't give away 5 disc changers not long ago. now they are getting $100-200 for nice ones
  2. what are you guys playing to do the tests? you can download 50hz and 1khz signwaves in mp3 format from mtx a digital volt meter works with this signal even though they won't work with dynamic sounds for the previously stated reasons https://www.mtx.com/testtones people use these to set amp gains in car audio. you're just doing the reverse here. you know the ohm load. play the signal, increase volume and see what you get for voltage. i tried a couple. an adcom 5300 puts out 28v into 8ohms which is 100w before the clip lights flicker. that's an 80wpc rated. i should run some of these marantz receivers and see what i get
  3. if you're staying 2 channel that would be an excellent choice if you don't need 5+ ch you have a LOT more options bang for the buck wise
  4. ohh the thin lines. completely different sound and performance from the SR series. you can find older receivers like an sr5007 for about 250 shipped mint on ebay. if you don't need true 4k support it's a great sounding receiver for that price point. i also have never liked the marantz thin lines
  5. there is no difference in aventage until you hit the 1000+ series. the 6, 7 and 8 series cross to the rxv which marantz do you have? they change sound year to year. with the time alignment right and graphic eq it shouldn't be that terrible for 2.0 the yamaha has even less of a power supply and is a lot less dynamic. maybe if you are running a dark speaker i could see it? maybe i still haven't heard a yamaha receiver i like when driven hard
  6. true and true. the question i have asked myself is why would i want to treat a room, make it cosmetically less appealing perhaps and the rest if i can just use a different speaker that doesn't have the same issue. the above example i had. my bedroom. floors are hickory. it's 12x14. a bed and area rug are the notable objects. if compression horns go in there they are okay at lower volume. you start getting much over 105db and things go south quickly. for whatever reason the B&W's handily out perform in this environment. on the flip side if these same B&Ws that work very well in my bedroom go to the livingroom which is open and 20x20 not only do they struggle with SPL for obvious reasons and their much lower efficiency vs klipsch but they sound more flat, their dynamics don't have nearly the same punch without the room gain. this is also what made me think of car audio. with car audio it's not just the equipment you worry about, the car becomes part of the transducer so to speak because it causes a lot of gains, sometimes in unpredictable areas. you also have all kinds of reflections or resonance issues. depending on the car. some speakers work MUCH better than others.
  7. in other words not playing them as loud? you have to in that kind of situation with compression horns. maybe in a treated room things would be different? my solution is just use different speakers in different environments. always open minded though to those with a lot of experience however
  8. i don't think so at all ESPECIALLY with compression horns. small rooms really amplify the worst traits of a horn. large rooms are a completely different animal. i've actually tried the rf82ii's in my living room in the bedroom and they are rather terrible. the b&w 603s3 or martin logan motion 12s both sound quite a lot better. in my 20x20 living room the klipsch are lovely. the reflections and basically shouting they do in the bedroom isn't there in the living room. this is why they have never ever never used compression horns in car audio that's worth speaking of. i mean, i get that some of you guys REALLY love the in your face sound but do you actually like it laying in bed watching tv at night or listening to some beats?
  9. how big is the room is question 1. second if you can get rf7s for 1k a pair that's a no brainer. the rf7 is my favorite klipsch speaker. it's not however my favorite speaker of all time but would be right up there in the right room. i like klipsch in LARGE rooms. personally i rarely venture outside of klipsch, B&W or martin logan. all different sounds but all good for what they are trying to do. i also own all 3 & the B&Ws get played the most svs is a good company that engineers their products well and have great value pre packaged subwoofers. i'm not sold on their primes but have not heard the ultras. most every review says they are night and day better
  10. you have lots of options. refurbished dynaco st70s, the jolida gear that is practically everywhere to the horde of chinese made knock off tube amps, some of which aren't half bad
  11. that's a great amp choice. with a good source and a good room you should be set
  12. i haven't heard a class D yet that i like. doesn't mean there will never be one i'm just gunshy to the design for anything above 100hz hunting for the perfect amp is kind of an adventure. you have to start somewhere and over here used rotel and adcom are the bargain amplifiers. sometimes you even find a nice clean older harman kardon inexpensively. examples http://echohifi.com/details/11098/Rotel_RB-980BX and http://echohifi.com/details/11105/Harman-Kardon_PA-2200 both of these are under 200usd., or for 100 more http://echohifi.com/details/7209/NAD_C-272 as for the speakers, which is the real reason i replied. the rf7ii is ideal for larger rooms. it's probably my first choice. low frequencies may need help if you're trying to get loud but a sub could be added later if necessary. i haven't heard the klipsch horn aka flagships setup properly before but i have heard most the rest, heresy, la scala and of those i like the rf7ii the most. i just think it sounds better with modern music which is 99% of what i listen to. also does well with movies
  13. what do you listen to and what is driving them? i thought just the opposite but mainly listen to EDM, some hip hop etc. both were driven by an adcom 5500 and 555ii pre amp
  14. yes, receivers all have their sonic signature. they all sound different. if that's good or bad depends on what you prefer more. if you're looking at integra and marantz those are already two of your best choices in modern AV receivers they even change subtly over the years with the same line. if you take a marantz sr *006 *007 *008 and so on each one will be a bit different. sometimes it's the EQ circuits and sometimes they alter the amp sections
  15. my car 22v x4 @ 4ohms to the morel mids/tweets , subwoofer sees about 40v @ 2ohms {this gets pretty loud as it translates to a bit over 1000w} livingroom {klipsch} cranking i'm seeing about 28v. normal listening is considerably less. i'm not sure if it's the rf82ii / rc62ii combo or what but like others hint at. they do sound a bit better not being driven hard. contrast that to the B&W in my bedroom they are a bit more linear. they require more power to get the same SPL but maintain a similar sound ramping up
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