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  1. 12 hours ago, RX8 said:

    Curious as to how you were able to get the sub with shipping.  Did you call Frys? 


    The Sunday weekly ad listed this as a "trusted name" subwoofer which means you can't even bring it up to look at it.  You get this message:




     Yeah I'm not too sure it must have something to do with how I'm local to the store. I've checked out with Fry's before with them not giving me a shipping option and vice versa so when I saw a free local shipping I hopped on it! Definitely check it out if you're local to one. 



  2. Hey everyone! 


    So I just ordered a R-115sw and after doing some measurements it would probably work better for space issues if I had the R-112sw instead. If anyone has a R-112sw and wants to upgrade I would like to trade. If not, I'll do fine with the R-115sw and have to manage :D


    Anyways, your used R-112sw + $250 for my brand new sealed R-115sw. I am located in Southern California. 


    Thanks for reading!! 

  3. Hey everyone first post here! Recently just purchased the RC-62ii center channel and I currently have the R-28f hooked up as a stereo setup for mainly music and have a pair of the R-15M stored away in the closet because I'm slowly working my way up to a 5.1 setup for more movie focused sound. 


    So my question is will my RC-62ii match well with these 4 or will it be a problem that its the reference II series vs. reference I. It didn't cross my mind at first but then I read that all speakers should have the same exact tweeters for the right sound. Thoughts? 


    Also, any subs that you guys recommend? if any component of the system I would be open to another brand would be the sub. so throw any and all recommendations out there. I'm currently looking at the BIC Acoustech PL-200 and the R-12SWi and R-112SW if I can find them for the right price (under $500) Thank you! 

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