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  1. These beasts just pulled out on their way to their new home. It's pretty bittersweet, I feel like I'll be searching for a set in a few years when I finally get a man cave. Thanks for all the help on the forum, especially wvu80! I'll see you guys soon.
  2. Entertaining offers, ready to move these!
  3. I dropped the price on Craigslist to $1800 with the disclosure. I feel like if I get them fixed I'm going to want to keep them but I still don't have the space.
  4. Wow, I found that advice on this forum. I had it at zero volume and worked up but thanks for the info.
  5. Update: I fired them back up and had some distortion in the sound on one of them. The bass and lows were coming through fine but the singing sounded muffled. I did some troubleshooting that I found online and connected the speaker wire directly to the K55's. The singing came back through like normal from there. I imagine this is some sort of crossover issue.
  6. Any thoughts or changes I should make please let me know, thanks. https://fayetteville.craigslist.org/ele/6058135008.html
  7. Alright I took these off Craigslist for a couple of weeks. Spent some time today cleaning them up. I used an Old English Dark Wood cleaner and man they cleaned up nicely. I took some new pictures and set them up for listening. I'm sitting here now listening to them and man are these things awesome! I still don't have the space for them but I can see why they draw big money. I will post a new Craigslist ad and put a link on here, thanks again for all the help.
  8. Is there any way to edit the price in the title of this post? I don't want a potential buyer to skip over the thread completely because the price is too high.
  9. That's going to be my plan, already pulled them from Craigslist. I'm going to clean them up a little and take some better pictures. Another question, wouldn't most people that are interested in these be on a forum like this? Are there any other boards I should post these on?
  10. You guys are a lot of help, thanks for chiming in. $2000 was my target from the beginning. I've had several trade offers close to that but nothing I've been interested in or something I thought I could sell easier. I feel like at least one of my offers is from someone that's going to drive a little ways to pick them up, do some upgrades and flip them. Like I said, I really just want to get a fair price out of them, not trying to give them away. I really do appreciate you folks though.
  11. $1500 seems to be the offer that I keep getting. Does that seem fair? I'm in no rush but I don't want to turn away offers if it's all I'm going to get in the long run. Thanks for any help.
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