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  1. should have the 82's on monday.In case you didnt know frys has a warehouse in memphis tenn.thats were they shipped out of.
  2. well,I finally got a tracking # ,so i guess its really going to happen.thanks again for the tip ,let you know when there physicaly in my home.
  3. Yes,Thats what i figured,ill let you guys no if anything changes .thanks again
  4. hey teaman , did any of your orders say processing for a few days before they shipped or does anyone experienced this before?Do you think i should try to call or wait it out?? thanks for any help.
  5. ya,it still says processing,do you think i should call them or just wait a few days ??I ordered them sat ,so it has been only one bussiness day.but i am crossing my fingers racebum.ill let yoy know.probably to good to be true!!
  6. They went through for me.I must of got lucky,it said $63 shipping and the last minute came up free shipping ,ofcourse i dont have them yet ,but i have a order number and it came out of my account.Ill keep looking for other deals??
  7. frys deal,I just wanted to thank rx8 for the heads up on the rf82ii's, ive been looking for some klipsch towers and boy what a deal.they want $599 each regulary.$458 for the pair shipped.thanks again,
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