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  1. I'm looking at setting up an Atmos 7.1.4 setup in my rec room. Unfortunately, due to a number of constraints I have to use bookshelf speakers for the front/center channels, and in-wall/in-ceiling for the surround/over channels. My concern is with timbre-matching the architectural speakers to the bookshelfs. Here's the speakers I'm contemplating: Subwoofer: R-10SW Centre: R-25C Front Left/Right: R-15M (x2) Surrounds: R-2650-W II (x4) Overhead: R-2650-C II (x4) Can anyone comment on whether the above are timbre-matched? I'm also open to other models of speakers, but I'll note I'm trying to contain the budget and the above is already more than I was planning to spend. Thanks!
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