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  1. la scala blown woofer

    If I where to replace the k-33 is it important to stay with a 4ohm driver and what the difference be on swapping an 8ohm one
  2. la scala blown woofer

    Is the k-33e 67-8637 woofer 4ohm or 8ohm
  3. la scala blown woofer

    thanks for the helpful info I am new to the klipsch scene. Had my first encounter at a high school dance where they had a pair of la scalas running and since then I always regarded them as high output monsters,and the guy I Bought from said they were the industrial model very capable of handling high power. I was misled it seems, but boy they sound great. Again thank you and one question I have is that all speakers I have encountered have internal acoustic damping material and these. have none, would be advantages to install some?
  4. la scala blown woofer

    just purchased a pair of la scalas and running a crown xli2500 and blew. the woofer at high volume but not clipping the amp looking for good replacement driver