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  1. In the unlikely event these are not snapped up by above, I would like to be the next in line for these (I also would have to ship). Thanx in advance, Ernie
  2. Hi, I'm in Indy and very interested, will send PM (well, I'll try, first time PM) with contact info if still available. Ernie
  3. Danger Duck


    Hi Scott, I'm on the North Side of Ft. Wayne, and have been trying to find a nice pair like yours near me. Ive never pm'd anyone before, but would love to check these out (theyd look great with my CW1s)! Thanx Ernie
  4. So I sent owner a response first thing this morning (im in fort wayne -and if his username is his, he lives down the street from me). We'll see what happens (have a pair of CW i's in oiled oak that wouldn't mind additions to the family..lol..)
  5. Oh I don't know, Chuck started out civil with me on a set of speakers (hadn't learned about Mr. Personality, yet)..... but as Woof'nTweet' correctly alluded to, it deteriorated quickly (I saved a Voice Mail he left me from about 3 years ago, because, 😨WOW, just WOW)....... Was just having a bit of fun, but agree with WnT's assessment.
  6. Perhaps "Chuck" has a brother in Fort Wayne ('cause this kind of sounds familiar, no?)?
  7. Dang it! I've been looking for a pair of these, and this add had them literally a mile or two from my place in Fort Wayne......never fails...lol....
  8. That is some darn pretty oak right there!
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster; Ahhh Chuck, the legend (I have my own experience/stories, for another time); Wouldn't this have to be a "MONSTER" receiver if it was Charles?
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