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  1. Hi Scott,

    I'm on the North Side of Ft. Wayne, and have been trying to find a nice pair like yours near me. Ive never pm'd anyone before, but would love to check these out (theyd look great with my CW1s)!



  2. So I sent owner a response first thing this morning (im in fort wayne -and if his username is his, he lives down the street from me).  We'll see what happens (have a pair of CW i's in oiled oak that wouldn't mind additions to the family..lol..)

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  3. Oh I don't know, Chuck started out civil with me on a set of speakers (hadn't learned about Mr. Personality, yet)..... but as Woof'nTweet' correctly alluded to, it deteriorated quickly (I saved a Voice Mail he left me from about 3 years ago, because, 😨WOW, just WOW).......


    Was just having a bit of fun, but agree with WnT's assessment.

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