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  1. Thanks bill nd bcov for clearing my doubts. I also wanna know the major difference between RP 250F & R26F. I opted for RP 250F cos one of the dealer told me that R26F will not make a good match with RP440 C. If I opt for 26F than I can change the surround from R14S to RP240S. Please advice which is a better combo?? RP250F with R14S or R26F with RP240S centre will be RP440C
  2. Hi I am planning to buy RP 250 F, RP-440 C, RP 250 S, RP 140 SA and 110 Sw. My room size is 12* 11 which seems to be little small for this set up? Please advice if I can go with this set up?? Is it over kill or can I manage??
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