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  1. Hello Klipsch community CORNWALL 3 COMPONENT PLACEMENT DRAWINGS I am building new cabinets for Cornwall 3 components which I have purchased Please I need detailed drawings for component placement on sound board I have: K-107-Ti, with Horn K-53 Ti with K-107 Squawker K-33-E 15" woofer And new pre-wired crossovers
  2. I am upgrading Cornwall 2 cabinet with new CW-3 Components.I have the K-107-Ti, K-53-Ti, K-79-T horn and K-33-E woofer and crossover with input panel attached. Please, I am asking for detailed drawings to install CW-3 components onto new medium density MDF cabinet face. I understand that the K-33-E woofer has been moved up as well. Thanks in advance for your help. Logan