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  1. We just remodeled the room by moving a doorway so now we can place the TV on the short end of the room! I was thinking of placing the sofa about 13 feet from the TV.
  2. Hi! Thanks for the replies! The room is 11ft x 26ft and the height is only 7.2ft (it's in the cellar). Money isn't an issue, but if a smaller system will produce better sound for the rooms dimension
  3. Hi, After thirty years of waiting I'm finally getting a man cave and the only problem left is choosing a good sound system! The room is pretty small only 11ft across. Is the room too small for the larger packages RP280 or RP250? I've read that the speakers might be too large to produce good sound in smaller rooms, but I do want the richer and deeper sound which I guess the larger speakers are better at? Please help a novice, can I go with the larger speakers or is the rp160 a better choice?
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