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  1. Codes? I'm lost. There is a sticker in the battery compartment but how does it help me if there is no manufacturer id anywhere in the remote? Thank you
  2. I'm still looking for the manufacturer of the remote in case my remote dies of old age. I decided a little surgery was necessary. I removed the batteries and carefully pried off the back cover. There is a grey rubber cover containing 5 circular contacts over a circuit board. I cleaned both the 5 circular contacts and the circuit board contacts with 91% alcohol and a microfiber cloth and it's brand new!!!!!!!!! Works GREAT Thanks for all your help
  3. Yeah, I'm spoiled! Now I turn up the volume with my crutch..
  4. Hey all you Juicy Music fans! Is there anybody replacing a Peach 2 remote? My remote pause is the only button working, no volume control or play buttons work. Juicy Music is closed, anyone familiar with the manufacturer of the Remote? Thank you for your help. A
  5. 2 sets of outputs. I used one set for my mono blocks and the 2nd set for the Rel sub base. I didn't want to Y the single set Ill get a pic tomorrow
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