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  1. Still listen to them and still one of my favorites. RIP
  2. Works well. I made a few added tweaks. This was Steely Dan Aja, one of my favorites and a song I know well enough to learn the tech. Given the limitations of 63 year old ears that don't hear anything above 15k and LaScala low end limit, I got the best of the range I had to work. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Very helpful! I am checking my digital music and surprised that the stuff I care about looks pretty good. Not seeing the bass drop off. But that is higher quality and lossless, so I was hoping that to be the case. Will look at some lesser material next.
  4. This has been an enlightening read! Excuse this dumb question, but as a simple music enthusiast, I have read this entire thread and am still a bit lost. I am new to hi-end audio. I listen to old vinyl because it has better dynamic range than Spotify, and most new CD and vinyl music I buy suffers from compression. Unfortunately this limits what I can listen to and not cringe. Help! Q: To ensure good sound from a favorite song, do I need to go lossless format digital download but then demaster it with some software and then save again in a lossless format before I listen to it? If so, what software is recommended and how do I learn to do it?
  5. No worries! I appreciate the help. I may go listen to see if I like the sound and decide if I ever want a pair to add to the LSIs. I agree with liking the wood better than black. I want to hear Chorus and Forte. I've compared Cornwalls and Heresy to the LSI but not CH or Forte.
  6. I think this is like fishing. You have to know where to look and get lucky on timing. I admit, I don't and just saw these on eBay and was surprised they are in my home town. I rarely see heritage Klipsch speakers close by and I don't know going prices. My LaScalas were not a "great deal" but were fair and I'm happy with them. I am always looking for those great deals and rarely find them.
  7. I asked and they are Chorus I. They would be a rotational speaker set, for heavy bass type music or maybe the start of a new surround sound system. It is rare that a set of Klipsch become available in little old Melbourne, Fl so I figured it was worth thinking about them. I am not considering selling the LSIs, so not worth it unless the Chorus are a great deal. At that price, sounds like they are probably a pass. Thanks for the input. Carmen
  8. I have LaScala Ind separates with Crites crossovers and bass drivers. I love them but a set of Chorus came up local to me and I was wondering if they would be worth buying. Seller is asking $850 and they look to be in good shape. I believe they are Chorus 1 as he does not mention any series numbers. Any opinions and experience how these two compare? I am driving them with MC30s. Primarily, I listen at moderate levels (yelling to be heard sitting next to each other) to old rock, jazz and blues. I am not into thumping bass but like a good sound stage and realistic sound reproduction. Thanks,
  9. I tried to buy kits from Klipsch two months ago, and they had none. They do have stamped steel K43s that will fit the LaScala if you want new exact replacements. They are a lot more expensive. Hence I gave up and bought Crites replacements. happy with them! Not sure if Klipsch would make a special order for rebuild kits with one of their orders from Emminence, for one or two kit sales. That is a lot of inventory and working capital. Worth asking I guess.
  10. I would be interested to know where you find a kit. I have a K43 with a burned coil and looked for a kit a few months ago and couldn't find one. I replaced both with Crites K33 replacement speakers, which I like a lot, but I am still interested in fixing the original.
  11. I saw one thread on building an AA and it looked easy except there didn't seem to be a source for the autoformers. That is why I was hoping to upgrade the AL parts. I assumed the AL to AL3 might be more straight forward and reuse more parts. If I knew what autoformers to buy, I would build the AA.
  12. Just bought a pair of LSi which have AL X-O. Just got my MC30s today and am loving the sound but based on the age of the speakers, I was thinking of rebuilding the X-O with new caps. I read the AL is not the best and people prefer the AA or AL-3. I read it isn't cost effective to convert an AL to an AA. Is it possible (cost effective) to update the AL to AL-3 during the rebuild or do I need to buy a new AL-3 X-O? Carmen
  13. Thanks for the help guys! The amps and the terminal converters are here and they work great!
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