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  1. Sorry guys about the errant post not including asking price. My intention was not to create a bidding war. The post has been updated to include asking price. Now to answer a few questions in previous posts: I can't recall what I paid, thinking it was around $600 to $700. I paid for the assembled version. It came as a kit that could be built also that was a couple 100 less. It does not have LOMC. Thanks for the tips and interest.
  2. Pictures didn't post correctly, adding .jpg's.
  3. Had to reconfigure my 2 channel system and the phono preamp is no longer needed. Up for sale is a Juicy Music Tercel built by Mark in 2009. Has seen little use and still looks brand new. Includes the original tubes Mark ships with the Tercel as well as a set I purchased from Brent Jesse: 12AT7WA RCA blackplate 6201 military type; matched pair 12AX7 Telefunken diamond mark smoothplate Asking $500 includes NOS tubes or $400 with stock tubes. Buyer to pay shipping, paypal fees, and insurance as requested. I do not have the original packaging but will take great care in packaging for shipment. Cheers, Gary Tercel front.jfif Tercel Side.jfif Tercel Back.jfif
  4. It's killing me to do this, but I just moved into a smaller home and need to sell off some of my speakers. All are in great condition. Private message me and I can send you pictures if interested. I do not plan to support shipping for obvious reasons, these things are huge. I am located about 20 mins east of Sacramento CA off highway 50, Folsom is the closest town. I do plan to replace with newer Klipsch RP series speakers. 1984 Klipsch La Scala with ALK Engineering universal crossovers - $1400 1986 Klipsch Cornwall with Bob Crites crossovers - $1100 1987 Klipsch Forte stock crossovers - $700 1990's Klipsch SW-15 Subwoofer (active crossover) - $700 1990's Klipsch Academy (used as front speaker for HT) - $300 Cheers, Gary
  5. I have a Yamaha M85 amp with 3 pair of speaker outputs. I'm using 1 pair for La Scala's, 1 pair for some outdoor bose speakers (usually turned off), when adding a subwoofer to compliment the La Scala's is it best to use the 3rd pair of the speaker outputs directly from the amp or connect the La Scala's through the subwoofer? Thanks!
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