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  1. These actually don't look too bad. Birch is hard to stain that dark evenly.
  2. Are you moving to a country without speakers? Why would you ship them?
  3. I love that Cowain audio site. I stumbled on it a couple years ago in my audio journey. I would love a pair of unity horns to play with.
  4. Best I ever heard LaScalas was on a Decware SE 84. Gave me goosebumps. My buddy bought the LaScalas and I was so impressed I couldn't leave without the amp. I don't really use very often as I prefer other amps on my Khorns (ive got quite a few- beware they're addictive), so if you are interested PM me and maybe we can work something out. Be advised it is only around 2wpc though. You'd be amazed what your speakers can do with that amount of power though.
  5. Feeling the shame for not having built mine yet...
  6. I get it. I pulled my tube based pre to upgrade the tubes and made the mistake of using my DAC as a pre temporarily. I assume you, as I, are running efficient speakers as are most folks on these forums and don't need the gain of an active pre. The only thing I lost was a considerable amount of noise- even with my turn table. To be running 100db+ speakers and hear that needle drop come out of an inky black background is intoxicating. Needless to say, the pre hasn't made it back into that system. I'm currently beginning the refurbishment of some vintage amps, otherwise I'd be all over this deal at $500. The amount of work that must go into 125 step attenuator is mind-boggling. GLWYS.
  7. Nice deal. If I may, why are you selling it? I've been contemplating such a solution.
  8. I would love one to go with my vintage gear. In the middle of a refurbishment project, or I'd be all over this deal.
  9. Keul- I'm in Cleveland area and would gladly bring records, beer and chips in exchange for a listen
  10. Love my Mullard powered ST35. Hate that the RCA's are on the opposite side of the chassis though.
  11. Ugh. Not so far from me.... Too bad I'm just starting a refurb on a pair of Scott 210fs.
  12. Those are too big? What high efficiency horn are you going to get that's smaller?
  13. And by many, I mean just you @LTusler, lol. I think I'm headed in a similar direction you are. I originally got the minidsp HD to ad a bit of eq to my system with the thought of getting another one and triamping the khorns at some point. I'm nearing that point, but I should probably give REW a shot first and I'm wondering if rather than a second minidsp HD, I should go for something like the 88A.
  14. I pulled my preamp after temporarily hooking up my phono pre directly to my Minidsp HD when I had the preamp out to change tubes. The absolute lack of any kind of noise was stunning. I put the preamp back in for about a week before I pulled it again. I'm running Volti-modded Khorns so it doesn't take much line nose for it to become audible. I do get the feeling that the Minidsp is doing some aggressive noise reduction however and that concerns me about the high frequency fidelity. Since so many of you are running a similar setup, what are your feelings?
  15. I got $650 for a pair in black a couple years ago. Took a couple months. Grills are an easy fix.
  16. I really want to like them, but somehow they seem even busier than my pair in Ramblin' Rose.
  17. Proof that talent without taste is a dangerous thing.
  18. I have an SEUFO on my Khorns. It's awesome. Really transparent. If all I listened to was jazz, it would be enough, but I listen to quite a bit of electronic as well and 2 watts is 2 watts.
  19. I don't believe he is in the audio game. He has not responded to my email from more than a year. Craig at NOS Valves is familiar with the Blueberry. What is wrong with yours? I believe there is a known issue about the heat sink loosening on the rectifier IIRC. It led to a failure in my buddy's. It was a cheap/easy repair.
  20. He might be a great speaker restorer, but he's a shit photographer.
  21. I loved my heresy. For certain recordings they were truly surprising. I also think they are beautiful in Walnut. Very pleasing proportions. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  22. First step would be to clean them good. Dawn and warm water. Then address any damage. Fill dings and scratches and color them to match. Get a set of stain sticks- basically a pallet of markers with stain in them. They're cheap. Home Depot has them. Then watch all the YouTube videos you can about repairing a black lacquer finish. You have to match the finish color or you will make them look worse. If you are not comfortable, you might just leave them as is. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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