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  1. Are you running analog output from the laptop to your amp? A small external dac like a Dragonfly would be far better.
  2. Isn't it imperative to request pics of damage that's mentioned but not documented? I get the same feeling from those posts as the ones that don't post prices.
  3. I don't have any experience with them. What do you think it would run to ship them to NE Ohio?
  4. Man those would be perfect to showcase my collection of vintage 15'' coaxials. Where did you get the speaker cloth? I love it!
  5. From the bridge of my nephew's boat anchored in Portland Harbor. He's a linesman for Ocearch. They catch great white sharks. Lots of them.
  6. I have HSU subs and have used them successfully with Forte 2s, KG4, Cornwalls and (very briefly) Khorns. I love my HSU subs.
  7. These things have had a ton of work done to them. I'd guess they used Dark Walnut Danish Oil which only made the wounds on the tops stand out more. Much better to use the natural (or just blo, turps, and spar varnish) at first to saturate the parts of the cabinet where the grain has been damaged because those areas will naturally take up more finish and if it has stain in it, they get dark and uneven like that. Once the wood is no longer starved for finish, you can add a bit of color to even things out. They also look to need several more coats as the gloss of the top coat is uneven and mostly absent. That veneer was cut off the the riser to make repairs elsewhere. I'd want pics of those areas more so than where they robbed it from before I handed over $2k. All in all not a terrible restoration though.
  8. Kits to rebuild them are $260 and it takes a lot of time. You can get a new equivalent pair for around $600 with warranty so you do the math.
  9. Not sure if my garage kg4s have badges or not. I'll check later. I'm about to part them out anyway.
  10. Damn, I'd love to take those off your hands. I have all the parts to complete them sitting in the basement. Anyone heading to northern Ohio from Tennessee area?
  11. Those worked. I like the look. I think KG4s and Fortes (chorus, etc) can look particularly dated. I'd have a hard time doing that if the cabs were in good shape however, lol. GLWS. I think KG4s are some of the most underrated in the Klipsch line.
  12. Sharp looking setup. Do you have better pics of the actual finish you got as a result?
  13. That surprises me. Those wouldn't last a week here (Northern Ohio). Even without the risers, I could buy those at asking, refinish and make a couple hundred easily.
  14. Mint in the box walnut- $500-700+ oak- $400-500+ They would sell in a month or two at that price here.
  15. Might be ideal for manufacturing them, but I would never pay retail money for any mdf Heritage.
  16. I can't imagine what an mdf khorn bass bin weighs. I was surprised how easy my plywood ones were to move. Easier than the Cornwalls I had.
  17. At what point did Hope move away from plywood to mdf? How have the older mdf examples held up?
  18. Godataloss

    Heresy IV

    I did not know the 4 was ported. 🤯
  19. I can vouch for the tweeters, lol. I have the MK3 version. They're lovely.
  20. Mine imaged best tucked all the way into the corners of my room and toed in slightly to cross several feet behind the listening position (20-30 degrees). This obviously improves the bass response too. My room is just a couple feet wider and deeper than yours.
  21. The mid horn was the letdown for the cornwall for me, but over all I really enjoyed them while I had them and would not hesitate to purchase a cosmetically nice pair at that price point. With prices as they have been, it's money in the bank. I purchased my pair for $750, cleaned them up, enjoyed them for a year and sold them for $1200 a couple years ago. They are quite capable and probably the most room and amplifier agnostic of the Heritage series. A fun all-around speaker to own.
  22. I purchased those actually. Around 3 years ago, so probably around the time of your post. The owner had the damage repaired with an unseen piece of veneer from the tophat. 6 hour round trip.
  23. A heavy pad under that area rug would help immensely.
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