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  1. Replacing those beautiful cane grills with black would be a travesty. The grills are almost half the value of those speakers.
  2. My inclination at this point is to go with the Eliptrack and put the damn things on top of the Cornwall cab with the long term goal of finding K-horns and using them there. If I were to do this, I'd be inclined to keep the original horns for when I resell the Cornwalls. I do not know of anyone that has mounted that horn/driver within a stock Cornwall cabinet. If I were to just do the Fastrack mod, I'd sell them outright. As-is I think they sound pretty good. My cousin has k-horns with all the Volti goodies and it's making me lust after the larger mid horn.
  3. I'm considering the Fastrack mod myself. The only thing stopping me is I I'd like to go up to a 2" driver. How much of an improvement is the new horn with the stock driver? What is a fair price for my existing metal horns?
  4. Could you elaborate on this a bit? I'd like to upgrade the midhorn in my Cornies, but I want to go to 2 inch so this would fit my needs nicely. Is it possible to keep the tweeter too if I want to stay 3 way?
  5. This is the Style and Finish I want. Pretty long haul for me.
  6. Look too tall for KG4s to me. Could be the angle I guess. I also took the risers off mine, lol.
  7. Are these still available? Going to MD next month. I'll be in Annapolis. Are you close?
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