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  1. Me too bud, me too. Most of the problem (to my understanding) stems from the lack of 'standards' in the hdmi standards. It's keeping me from buying a new 4k tv despite the fact I despise my current Visio 4k almost to the point of gleefully smashing it with a hammer. I'd love a simple 5.2 Processor and a separate 5 channel Hypex amp setup. I don't give a shit about atmos. It took 25 years for consistently good DD and DTS movie mixes to happen- same with games. If I want total speaker immersion, headphones win every time. I'm too freaking busy to screw around with this shit any more.
  2. Mine is a bit bigger unfortunately 17x5
  3. That's what I'm doing now. Some devices (google chromecast) have issues. I was just wondering if OP knew of work arounds with this unit.
  4. Trying to think how I could use this in a 4k setup. Let the tv do the switching and do fiber out to this? HDMI standards are worse today than this thing was made so I'm wondering how it would handle audio passed from the modern console video games. I think Atmos is pointless, so I'm fine with 5.2 DD and DTS, but I'm worried this wouldn't handle all the handshakes necessary these days.
  5. Measure the faceplate. I have one I bought for my 210fs that was not the correct size. Perhaps it will fit yours.
  6. That was my experience too. It was 'musical' but I went with a digital pre and never looked back. I've gotten to the point I'll trade miniscule noise and distortion for 'musical' euphonic distortion. As a bonus, it's achievable for a fraction of the price.
  7. I would want way more than 40db with that cart.
  8. I would rather have seen them keep it sealed and make them powered with DSP. That is where speaker design is headed.
  9. You should find out the exact specs of your preamp. There is a HUGE difference in the output of the Black and the AT. I looked briefly at the MapleTree sight and the only phono amp I see shows 40db of gain which is not enough unless you are using a step up transformer.
  10. I'm glad you didn't use stain or one of the pens. Typically that will give results that are far too dark especially on damaged wood. You will have to maintain the oil finish on this speaker over time. Buy some Danish oil in the natural color. It has oils that will naturally darken over time and blend that area. It also has varnish that will tighten the wood fibers that are damaged in that area. You can apply with 0000 steel wool. Depending on your environment, the factory finish shouldn't need rejuvenating for several years. In the mean time do not apply anything to them- especially not Howard's Feed n Wax, lemon oil, Pledge (will ruin an oil finish) or any of the other garbage you may find at the grocery store. Just dust them and wipe with a slightly dampened cloth when needed.
  11. I just installed an AT-OC9XSL this weekend. While obviously not the same cartridge, I've read they share the same suspension and diamond profile. It's still breaking in (carts are one of the only devices I think that actually have a break in period) but so far I really like what I'm hearing. I'm going from a Ortofon Black myself, so I thought I'd chime in. I was very happy with the Black and the boron stylus of the LVB might narrow the gap with this cart even further. The initial differences I'm noticing with the XSL are wider channel separation and less bass bloom- there is more resolution in the bottom octave. Make sure you have a really capable phono stage as the output of the Black is something like 13 times higher than the AT. If you like to listen really loudly, the low output of the AT will shrink your headroom massively.
  12. Did he build his house around those things?
  13. Do you mind sharing what you got for them? I have a similarly modded set and I'm wondering if it makes sense to sell them as you have or revert them back to stock and sell the modifications separately.
  14. I'll have to check my stock. I have a bunch of 12au7s
  15. Not for that money in that veneer in that condition.
  16. I'm guessing plant water rings and worse.
  17. I have a pair of these cabinets in the garage I was going to try to shoehorn 15trx's in. Add to the list of ill-advised shit I'll probably never get around to.
  18. The cable debate reminds me of the discussions I'm currently having with my 7 year old. I can tell her whole-heartedly that it is better to believe in Santa Clause because I recall the added wonderment this belief added to Christmas. But as an adult, I realize that the perpetuation of this myth is really a ploy to sell more toys. If you wish to cling to the wonderment, more power to you. If you want rational people to take you seriously, you should really have better support than- "your system just isn't resolving enough".
  19. Godataloss


    I would bet those are shellac'd based on the color. Beautiful regardless. GLWS!
  20. Fantastic job with the refininish. Looks like a Heywood Wakefield type finish. It's crying for different colored grills though.
  21. Isn't it a veneered rebranded/locked down xilica? Kinda a shame they wouldn't allow users to run room correction on it. For the $$$ the new Jubes run, I can't imagine anyone not using room correction. Why force someone to buy more gear and run another d/a conversion? I could be totally full of shit here however...
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