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  1. Cane. Beautiful stuff and unless I'm mistaken, unobtanium these days.
  2. $125, +fees, shipped if you just want the DAC. $40 for the PS if anyone wants it separate.
  3. Purchased a month ago thinking I could use it as a bridge for external hard drives via usb out to my current dac. I would have to remove the DAC portion in order to do this and it really defeats the purpose of this product. It is an incredible DAC that measures as good or better than the best out there- My preamp only has one analog input however, and that's on turntable duty so I'm sticking with a laptop to feed my existing dac. It's cool looking, but I don't really have a use for it as such. Screwed around too long to return it. These are selling out everywhere and the price has risen accordingly if you can find one. The Audio Nirvana power supply is also sold out at the moment, but I think it was $60 by itself-https://chicagodist.com/products/allo-nirvana-smps . It has a grounding lug and a grounding lift so there is nothing in the way of you achieving the fantastically low noise floor this DAC is capable of. Would make integrating into a vintage system much, much more foolproof. Asking $175 shipped PP FF or +3% to CONUS OBO- which is less than the DAC retails for alone now. The unit is new and as described here - https://tinyurl.com/4xnevypy Comes with original packaging (it's just a cardboard box for each, don't get too excited. Documentation is all online.)- and is in like new condition. Unit also comes with a remote. I can send pics if you like.
  4. I've had real good results using this to remove water rings- https://www.realmilkpaint.com/help/tutorials/how-to-bleach-wood-with-oxalic-acid/ GLWS. Nothing prettier than a big-*** walnut veneered speaker.
  5. I'm confused on what you are actually selling. Is the Volti Package $1800? Are the Khorns $1800?
  6. lol @1 dollar bid increments. Wonder if you can write off the purchase as a donation with a clever accountant?
  7. You need to live stream that so we can all partake in your discomfort, lol. The testing, not the workouts...
  8. His sample size is not large enough to consider the results.
  9. Very interesting thread I'd like to follow by way of commenting. I believe I first spoke with @Langston a few months ago when you kindly supplied your listening impressions of the ABH2 as I was pondering a purchase. Further research to appease the chief accountant/wife led me to the ASR review of the Benchmark and then on to the Hypex amps. An enterprising engineering student about an hour up US RT 2 from me had started Buckeye Amps out of his home focusing designs around the Hypex modules. The design was basically crowd-sourced on the forum and the sincerity (and low cost) of the endeavor was too much to resist and I purchased my first solid state amp in quite some time for the princely total of $500 delivered. The CFO was pleased. 2 months later (the kid has gotten quite busy with orders) the NC252MP based bread box arrived at my doorstep. So far the experience has been extraordinarly positive. It mates exceptionally well with my Minidsp SHD and I left the damn thing on all weekend and it barely got warm. Listening impressions are equally positive. It's preternaturally quiet at idle and smoothly transparent at volume on my Volti/BMS/Fostex t500a MK3 khorns. Anyway, thank you all for being smart and enthusiastic (and mostly) objective.
  10. Are you running analog output from the laptop to your amp? A small external dac like a Dragonfly would be far better.
  11. Isn't it imperative to request pics of damage that's mentioned but not documented? I get the same feeling from those posts as the ones that don't post prices.
  12. I don't have any experience with them. What do you think it would run to ship them to NE Ohio?
  13. Man those would be perfect to showcase my collection of vintage 15'' coaxials. Where did you get the speaker cloth? I love it!
  14. From the bridge of my nephew's boat anchored in Portland Harbor. He's a linesman for Ocearch. They catch great white sharks. Lots of them.
  15. I have HSU subs and have used them successfully with Forte 2s, KG4, Cornwalls and (very briefly) Khorns. I love my HSU subs.
  16. These things have had a ton of work done to them. I'd guess they used Dark Walnut Danish Oil which only made the wounds on the tops stand out more. Much better to use the natural (or just blo, turps, and spar varnish) at first to saturate the parts of the cabinet where the grain has been damaged because those areas will naturally take up more finish and if it has stain in it, they get dark and uneven like that. Once the wood is no longer starved for finish, you can add a bit of color to even things out. They also look to need several more coats as the gloss of the top coat is uneven and mostly absent. That veneer was cut off the the riser to make repairs elsewhere. I'd want pics of those areas more so than where they robbed it from before I handed over $2k. All in all not a terrible restoration though.
  17. Kits to rebuild them are $260 and it takes a lot of time. You can get a new equivalent pair for around $600 with warranty so you do the math.
  18. Not sure if my garage kg4s have badges or not. I'll check later. I'm about to part them out anyway.
  19. Damn, I'd love to take those off your hands. I have all the parts to complete them sitting in the basement. Anyone heading to northern Ohio from Tennessee area?
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