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  1. 1 hour ago, ClaudeJ1 said:

    I only have 1 question. Why are you selling them for HALF of what they are currently worth?

    That is a great deal.  Sometimes it's easier to sell something you love quickly at a price you know you don't have to negotiate from.  "Come and get 'em" deal...

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  2. Still amazed at the number of folks that recommend Howard's Feed n Wax be used on Heritage speakers.   The stuff is not a finish and is not a wax and will have to be removed if you plan on applying a new finish or repairing an existing finish on the speakers- especially important if trying to apply something like poly over it.  Not looking for an argument with the Howard's adherents.  It's not a finish.  It's an oily shit-mess.  The best advice here is @PrestonTom-  find out what the factory finish is and go from there.  


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  3. 1 hour ago, Ceptorman said:

    Here are the P39 power specs....



    400W continuous / 1600W peak


    50 - 1000W


    99dB @ 2.83V / 1m



    ~128 db. Yikes.  

  4. 2 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

    these speakers have serious deep  scratches in the veneer  ---how do you get rid of these ,  you can only sand so much

    I take a soldering iron and a damp rag.  I put the wet rag over the scratch and touch the soldering iron to it.  The steam causes the wood fibers to swell a bit and decompress from the damage so that you can remove less material when you sand in order to get the surface flush.  It also works on dents.  If the scratch is completely through the veneer, you can try to fill with the sawdust from sanding and a bit of wood glue applied to the scratch with a toothpick, allowed to dry and then sanded flush.  



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  5. 2 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    Not trying to doubt what you're saying. Most flat cut Walnut doesn't have that many waves and typically has a lot of straight tight grain on each side.


    Cherry, on the other hand, has lots of waves and wide wavy grain. 


    Walnut's color will lighten due to UV, and those look pretty light. 

    Anyhow, the wood looks to be a little bit special and hopefully they get refinished. 




    Walnut can be pretty wild.  This is a dresser I refinished (there is no finish on this piece-  just wiped with mineral spirits).  Also an oil finish will naturally darken over time if properly maintained.  This is why I recommend people use the Watco in natural (no stain added) on walnut, because the linseed will darken naturally over time.  You're probably right about the ones pictured-  they look dry as hell and like they were stored on a sun porch.  I'd love to get my hands on them.




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  6. I received the HD AMP 1 on Friday and spent a fair amount of time listening to it over the weekend.  The short verdict is it's okay.  It's a beautiful unit with a solid feel and fairly intuitive operation.  It has bass and treble adjustment, but I spent most of my time listening to it in 'Direct' mode which bypasses all of that for what was to me a much more natural sound.  The DAC played any of the flac files I put on a thumb drive (drive must be formatted in FAT which is kinda a bummer since all my digital music is on ntfs hard drives) and streamed google music to it vial toslink which sounded as good as any of my flac files.  Noise level was nonexistent with sounds emerging from that inky black background with authority and detail.  Midrange was especially nice with vocals and instrumentation having a very natural presentation.   I have not yet hooked it up to a PC to try any of the higher rez DSD formats it is capable of.


    I used the analog input with my Parks Audio Budgie phono pre.  The Budgie is on the lower end of gain and it showed here as I began to run out of volume knob if I wanted to approach maximum listening levels.  In comparison to the digital side, the analog inputs sounded somewhat sterile.  Dynamics were still good, but the transients seemed to be lacking.  Again putting it in 'Direct' mode helps here somewhat, but I found my ears reaching for something in familiar passages that just wasn't there.  I start getting nervous when I have to turn an amp up beyond halfway, but realistically this is not an amplifier you're gonna buy to shake the rafters with.  I don't normally listen at super elevated levels anyway, but there are many reviews stating that they believe it to be conservatively rated at 35 wpc.  I did not find this to be the case.   My Scott 340a (36wpc) wipes the floor with it power wise and tonally,  but at least the Marantz did not heat the room.  It never got beyond warm even after playing it for hours.  Pretty amazing.


    If Marantz would of just put some preamp outputs on this thing, they would of had a real winner at the $600 price point.   As is, it will probably end up as a desktop system or a as a headphone amp.  Maybe class D is just not for me.  Anyway, fwiw- my 2 cents.


    My system-

    -Volti Audio modded Khorns with Fostex t500 AMKIII tweeters

    -Parks Audio Budgie 

    -modded VPI  HW19 with Ortofon Black


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  7. 10 hours ago, Woofers and Tweeters said:

    Question(s): What wood is that? It looks too light to be Walnut and they don't look like most Oaks (too swirly). Were Cherry Forte ever made? 



    That's walnut for sure.  Those would be easy to bring back.  A hot soldiering iron and a wet rag is good at steaming dents and scratches prior to sanding. 

  8. 23 hours ago, SoundsGreat? said:

    Hi, for an ignorant person like me, this seems expensive even at the lower price.  Is the main cost the DAC?  To be able to bypass a computer's own DAC and still put it into a good sounding amp?  Otherwise, why wouldn't someone just get a NR1200?  I guess the form factor is cute. 


    The NR1200 doesn't have usb input or the ability to decode DSD.

  9. I run the 4592 nd on the Volti Audio V-track in my khorns.  The improvement was stunning.  Everything is more relaxed and open with truer timbre.  Replacing the stock tweeters with the Fostex t500 AMK III was an even bigger improvement.  They have Beryllium diaphragms and are just extraordinarily composed with an extension that makes music almost tactile.  They are as stunning for what they don't do (no ringing, glare or any other distortion) as for what they do.  They have the breath of a soft dome or ribbon without the coloration or lost detail.   All of this has come at the cost of exposing the shortcomings of the bass bin in it's upper frequency range.  Hopefully that's fixable with dsp if I ever get time to actually listen let alone tinker.


  10. 34 minutes ago, SoundsGreat? said:

    Hi, for an ignorant person like me, this seems expensive even at the lower price.  Is the main cost the DAC?  To be able to bypass a computer's own DAC and still put it into a good sounding amp?  Otherwise, why wouldn't someone just get a NR1200?  I guess the form factor is cute. 


    It has a very capable DAC, but it doesn't measure very good (DAC nerds are the worst).  I agree that it is a 'lifestyle' product, but it does pack lots of features into a small attractive package.  I bought it based on almost universal adoration espoused in the user reviews.  If it sounds like a turd, I'll ship it back.

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