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  1. Not necessary. I thought it was the acrylic platter, but it's dark in the pic. This is clearly a better table than my Rek o Kut, lol (I'm that guy btw). What's the plan for your vinyl game (you can pm me if you don't wanna clutter your FS post)? Are you a member of the NEOVC vinyl group? It's pretty big and active. I've sent your vpi to a few of the less miserly members, lol-
  2. Can the stock Klipsch tweet in the III play cleanly down to 5k?
  3. Looks like t-shirt fabric. Doubt it's original. I'd replace it.
  4. Great Job- they look really nice. I think the way the residual black makes the grain stand out makes up for the fact that they aren't book matched. The base sets them off nicely too. If you don't want to go the harsh chemical route, citrus-strip isn't too bad and is reasonably effective. You can use it inside, just don't expect miracles from it. Apply, cover in plastic wrap and let set for an hour then scrape with a good sharp cabinet scraper. It will save you some wear on the veneer though which is the biggest worry with a project like this- and a few doze sheets of sandpaper.
  5. Yeh, link dead. I smell a cease and desist order...
  6. Thank you. I've never been very good at keeping my Schiit straight... GLWS. If by some miracle you have it after the holidays, I may step in it again.
  7. still confuzzled The new Saga S is a half-width, remote-controlled solid state pre-amplifier with relay-switched volume control and a choice of single-ended passive or active operational modes, the latter powered by a “DC-coupled discrete JFET buffer”, all for US$299. The Saga+ swaps out the JFET buffer for a tube stage for an extra hundred bucks: US$399.
  8. Doesn't the + mean it has the tube stage? I see tubez...
  9. Strip them and see what's under there. I've seen some great refinishes from black that looks like tiger oak. It's easier than you think to do an oil finish.
  10. Duh, yes that should work nicely. Music Direct ships super fast too. You should be enjoying tubes with your turkey this week.
  11. My buddy just took delivery of that very same amp (in silver) this past week. It's his first tube amp and he loves it. He's driving a pair of KG 3.5 (apartment). You know you will need a preamp of some sort, don't you?
  12. I had an SE84 for awhile. Nice tone, but it did not stay in the system long and I'm running khorns which I feel are a bit more efficient than the Cornwalls I had. That EL84 tube is nice on the Cornwall though. I have an ST 35 that puts out a stout 17 wpc with push pull EL 84s and it sounded fantastic and had tons of grunt. The one power transformer in the ST 35 are heavier than the whole Decware. I got my ST 35 with the Gillespie mods and fully serviced for $550 delivered. My experience with tube amps is you should be patient and wait for the right one to come along. Keep your powder dry so you're ready to jump. Keep an eye on here. Great stuff routinely gets posted for deals.
  13. Ah what strange lives some khorns have lead...
  14. I understand this feeling. I felt that same way about women for many years, but eventually you just have to accept the fact that the problem is internal and the pursuit is often self-defeating, lol.
  15. Dusty Horns-Houston sounds like the greatest country western singer ever.🤠
  16. I think these are the best looking dark stained birch Heritage speakers I've seen. Surprised they aren't sold already.
  17. Or he could of just moved the microphone a couple hundred feet from the speaker. Isolation ftw!
  18. Those are beautiful. Did they start life black? Much more modern look than the factory oiled oak finishes.
  19. They are birch veneer on plywood.
  20. Those look cool as hell. Great job!
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