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  1. I have 4 pairs of kg5.5's which I swap in and out of my listening room. I have always felt they should sound better than they do. it is wonderful the work you are doing and I am watching intently as you progress and enjoying it very much. I have only tried 3 things over the years with these. one pair I added padding and some bracing and changed the diaphragms. I wasn't overly impressed, however it was a little better. I stopped at that point because I have no measuring gear except for the 1st version of wt3 from parts express.I should get serious one day and buy a microphone and learn to use it.seeing what you are able to do with Xsim is impressive. I haven't tried it before.Keep up the great work and thank you!
  2. I know this is old. did you ever sell this item?
  3. Hi bossman what crossover did you build. I have the same parts as you and what cabinet did you use? and before someone chimes in yes I know this post is a year old!
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