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  1. Realized that! Just disappointed that it’s not 64ii which I’ve been keeping an eye of. Especially that the OP is in FL where Iam too.
  2. Thanks willand! I ran the Audyssey and left all the settings as is but tweaked the Center and Surround speaker crossover. Klipsch RF-82ii = Large = Crossover @80hz Klipsch RC-62ii - Small = Crossover @80hz (Audyssey set-it up at 40hz but I brought it to 60hz) Klipsch RB-61ii - Small = Crossover @60hz (Audyssey set-it up at 80hz but I brought it to 60hz) What usually cause those distortions? does that mean that my centers already reached its limits? I'll try to do another sample when I got off work today.
  3. Hello fellow Klipsch users, Does anyone had an issue with their Klipsch RC-62ii Center Speakers? I have one for like 3 months now and whenever its playing some deep bass on it I hear a noise something squeaky/rattling. First I noticed it while I'm watching a movie, then tried to play some jazz music on it hoping that that noise is only from the movie however, the squeaking still persist. I'm thinking maybe there's rattling/squeaky something on my home, but then I tried to play Stereo (RF-82ii) and I never hear this squeaky rattling noise. I even took out the center speaker from the TV stand to an open space to isolate it from other items and check if the squeaking/rattling is really the center speaker, still, the squeaking/rattling is there. I took a video of this noise while playing some bass test on youtube which I have linked below. With all that being said, I'm wondering if I need to send it back, how's the Warranty work on this? I'm adamant of not sending it back To Frys (where I bought it) since it's too far from me. Can I just bring it to some Klipsch authorize seller near me like Bestbuy/Magnolia? Squeaky RC-62ii Here's my current set-up and as you can see, I currently don't run a sub on my system. Klipsch RF-82ii Klipsch RC-62ii Klipsch RB-61ii Denon X3300W (with Audyssey XT32)
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