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  1. YesRushGen

    Speakers for 5.1.2 Setup - Questions

    1. Yeah, I was happy to read that in the Atmos setup guide. Surrounds can be elevated a max of 25% higher than Fronts which is very convenient for this room. 2. I really did fret over the 5.1.2 vs 5.1.4 decision when starting this project. Unfortunately, it's beyond changing now. I've already received the Onkyo TX-RZ810 and it only supports up to 7.1 or 5.1.2. Worst case, if I'm not happy with the setup, I can sell my 140SA's and revert to a 5.1 non-Atmos setup for the immediate future. (Unless there's a way to use Line 3 outs with a secondary amp as the additional height channels - don't think so though)
  2. YesRushGen

    Speakers for 5.1.2 Setup - Questions

    Thanks for the responses. It sounds like I've chosen a good selection of speakers, and simply need to be mindful of placement and room acoustics. I've downloaded, saved and read through the Dolby Atmos setup guide on Dolby's site. I'll be sure to follow the recommended heights and angle considerations when placing/mounting the speakers. I can't convey enough how excited I am to hear this setup in action. From the specs alone, it is going to be leaps and bounds beyond the system I've had for the last 12 years. Thanks so much for the advice! Kelly
  3. Greetings, apologies for post length - just trying to be thorough! I am in the process of selecting speakers for my home theater system. This is really exciting, being the first time I've had the budget to select some quality components. Comparisons among other manufacturers has consistently led me back to Klipsch, which is why I am here! I have a few questions, but first my setup: Room: 17ft X 12ft X 8ft (height). TV/front of system is on a 12ft wall. AVR: Onkyo TX-RZ810 Speaker Setup: 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos Use Cases: Primary: movies/concerts (UHD BluRay). Secondary: critical music listening. The Reference Premiere (RP-250) Home Theater System seems to fit my needs. (Unless I have grossly misunderstood room sizing and amplifier/speaker matching guidelines) It includes: 1. Two RP-250F as fronts 2. One RP-440C as center 3. Two RP-240S as surrounds 4. One R-112SW as subwoofer 5. (separate purchase) Two RP-140SA as elevations Here are my questions: 1. Is this a well-matched set of speakers for my AVR? 2. The RP-440C center speaker is too wide to fit anywhere in my entertainment center. Can the RP-250C be used instead? The specifications are very similar. Research suggests the 250C would have less low-end punch, but with a dedicated sub-woofer, is that really a big deal? 3. There is some information out there suggesting that dipole/bipole speakers (RP-240S) used as surrounds are not ideal for a Dolbly Atmos setup. Is that true? If so, would the RP-150M/160M make good surround substitutes? I'd really appreciate some expert advice. Being this is my first quality Home Theater System, I really want to do this right! Thanks, Kelly