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  1. i have a pair of mint condition used A stock cornwall iiis im looking to sell.ive had them for a year and a half and absolutely LOVE them but im looking to upgrade to the 4s.as you know its really hard to get the iiis anymore especially for such a good price.they have been in 1 spot since the day i got them and the grills have NEVER been removed.im located in conway,Arkansas and dont really want to ship these monsters unless youre willing to pay the shipping.i am willing to drive a couple hours to meet with them though.im also willing to let you come listen to them if desired.$2800 OBO for the pair.feel free to message me with any questions or 5014720129 THANK YOU!
  2. Can anyone tell me how the forte iiis compare to the cornwall iiis? I notice the forte iii is a smaller cabinet but has a bigger midrange horn.
  3. 1450 seems like a decent deal for the 2000 being brand new with full 3 year warranty you think?
  4. i can get the yamaha a-s1000 for 999.is it worth 450 more to get the 2000? what would be the main differences on a pair of cornwalls? more clean power ect?
  5. im choosing between the anthem 225 integrated and the yamaha a-s2000.any experience with either? can get the anthem new for 1180 and the yamaha new for 1450.both with the full warrantys
  6. this will be used MAINLY for 2 channel music.in that case, will an analog only integrated amplifier be good? im trying to pick between the marantz 8005 and the yamaha a-s1000
  7. that raises another question.with cornwalls being so high sensitivity do i really need an integrated that does 100+watts a channel? i was looking at the marantz 8005 integrated but its only 75 watts a channel
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