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  1. First update all drivers, Second - Update to highest level Windows the machine is capable You did not mention how you use a computer, use will determine longevity. This is a "work Station" which can limit some of your future update options. Just remember all current software and hardware "assumes" current computers. I would start saving for a new Costco computer Good luck
  2. I went the veneer rout on my 1987 La Scala. They were a garage find, everything was scratched, dented and abused. But the cabinets we still tight. I went with 1/2 inch MDF on all exterior sides to provide a clean surface for the veneer. This also totally eliminated any cabinet "ringing" which the older La Scala's are know for. It took 3 4x8 sheets of veneer to cover the exterior and dog house areas and to get all the grain to flow right Local Reno cost for veneer was just under $70 a sheet. The dog house is the issue, a real pain in the XXXX If you can live with painted dog house your project will go 50% faster and your alcohol consumption will be less BTW be sure put a bead of glue on all the inside seams of the dog house and get a new sealing for the bottom piece of plywood to make it air tight. Your at a point to consider the following: Consider cutting the top part of your La Scala's off and then adding a new bottom to that portion ( think current LS design ) to create a second box. Why the base bin sound is not as directional as the tweeter and squaker are. By having the top two drivers in their own separate box will help in room placement and sound stage as you can put them at any angle needed. I did no do this but would if I ever did another set This mod is strictly about enhancing room placement flexibility and makes directing the tweeter to listening ear height a lot easier. FYI the 1/2 mdf takes away that Live Sound of the old La Scala's but gives you a much more refined sound more in tune with today current models Good Luck just remember the best day is when you get to fire them up again My first song was Dire Straits You and Your Friend it will definitely put a smile on your face
  3. just got to 330 as of Friday list update so I figure around the first of the new year
  4. Wow jcmusic less than 1 watt. I want to be there but I have no experience with anything close to that level amp power being effective. My La Scala's were originally designed as PA speakers where 5 watts were typical, my 87's may have had some changes but were still a PA loud speaker at that time. I happen to like the horn sound and its ability to fill a room with sound. I also believe that half of what you hear is speaker placement and the room they are in. Also the La Scala's were designed for vocals ( speeches ) base was not a major need, so use a sub and get over the lack of base. All this tells me a low watt ( 5 watts ) amp can work, but the at the same time Klipsch rates this speaker for use with over 100 watts. The concept of trying a $1-3,000 or more amp and then resell it if I do not like it - is not me. Because of all of the above and the lack of my experience of low watt apps all of your comments are very much appreciated Like I said before the Decware Torii Jr V2 remains my amp of choice
  5. The Rachel was my first choice as a single amp. Now two SE34.6 are out of my budget range, but would be, in my opinion, the best option for me. A single SE341.6 is still 5-6 watts which is just marginally better than the base units for my needs so not really a long term option. The Torii Jr V2 is a solid 20 watts which should be more than enough for my needs, just not a SET amp which was my original goal Sometimes you have to compromise and the Torii Jr V2 seems the best fir for me
  6. So it looks like the SET type amps will drive my speakers for normal listening without an issue, but become less capable beyond that. Given my room volume and 14 ft listening position I think more than 2.5 watts even with mono blocks will be needed for me Decware has the Torii Jr V2 which I am on the LONG waiting list for. At 20 watts per channel it should be enough for my system and room. Since it is a push/pull design I will miss the true SET sound, but as Steve markets, it has "SET transparency" As with all things there comes a point where you have to put a stake in the sand and move forward. Thanks to all that provided their input
  7. tromprof within my system I have DSP capability where I can send everything down to say 100htz to my mains and then send everything from say 120htz below to my sub with its own 400 watt sub This should help the low watt Decware from a load stand point
  8. Schu I am currently on the waiting list for the Decware Torii Jr v2 ( push pull ) at 20 watts. Based on your comments I thinking this should work for my system and room also looking into the Firstwatt J2 ( used ) putting it in the same price range any thoughts
  9. My concern is with the distance to my listening position and the cubic volume of my room might require more watts I am sure for Normal listening they will be fine, but occasionally I do like to turn it up. Right now I am using a Crown XLI 1500 which has 450 watts, which is way to much, so I keep it at 25% and use a pre-amp for volume control I was hoping to get a wider and deeper sound stage by going to the SET tube amps Schu which Decware model and how big is your listening room Thanks you for helping me out
  10. Looking at the Alan Eaton and Decware SET amps anyone using them with La Scala's my room is 17X20 with rounded ceilings reaching 14 feet at the top , so high cubic volume Listening position is 12 feet from speakers Your comments would be greatly appreciated
  11. I have 1987 La Scala's with all new Crites drivers and cross overs. My room is 17X20 with high ceiling ( rounded 14ft at top ) My music is digitized CD's played thru a MiniDSP SHD into a Schit Freya S ( non tube ) preamp out to a Crown XLI1500 ( Class A/B ). MiniDSP SHD volume set at 95%, Schit Freya S controls volume for system, Crown volume set to about 25% Given this setup speaker placement was critical ending about 6 feet apart and about 2 feet away from back wall. Center stage is well defined but not as deep as I would like, room treatment could help here. Sound is clear, instrument location easy to determine. sound is cooler versus tube warm. I can easily enjoy 1/2 a day enjoying the music, just ask my wife you can get a new Crown XLS 1502 for just under $400 or used for much cheaper. Also there are many ChiFi options which can allow you to test your system Hope this helps and Enjoy the Music
  12. My 87's looked similar as long s the doghouse is soild you can make them look great and sound outstnading
  13. Yes I would agree building and veneering are almost equal in required work. As to La Scala's there are many good detailed plans on the web so I would build next time. Why, first I would build two boxes separating the woofer from the mid and tweeter, because that would allow better room positioning during setup. Second my La Scala's are very heavy to move around having the weight split would make moving and positioning easier.
  14. we used 3 4x8 sheets of veneer @ $60.00 a sheet for my La Scala's how you run the grain has a big impact on how much veneer you end up using. the sides we ran them top to bottom, in the dog house we ran the grain front to back. We did paper templates of all pieces and then laid them out on the veneer - I would highly recommend this process but verify measurements before you cut. you need a large flat surface to cut the veneer a clamped metal straight edge helps as well as a very sharp knife we also used a metal roller to get the veneer flat with no glue bumps any trimming was done the next day Good Luck
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