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  1. @billybob that sure sounds like Van singing up there with Them! Remember how big Garth was in the early 90s? * I listened to several of his and the groups videos. That cat above sure is happy, got that smile on all the time!
  2. Great stuff the last couple days. Love it @Emile good to "see" ya here. Logged in several times lately and my windoz crashes when viewing youtube vids on chromium. msft doesn't like that I don't allow them everything they want on MY hardware. Think I've got the new version cooperating now. On my phone think my browser is Safari based because this forum showed me as being logged in on an iphone before when it's a pixel with Dolphin on it! @wvu80 don't be a stranger, those not hollywood guys from Home Free are really good!
  3. They're still kicking!! 2160 really brings the low frequencies, had to make a new adjustment for the equalizer Paul.
  4. Like the low maintenance exterior, although the moisture gets to it that is easy to clean. The small reddish skyscraper down below is a view I like too. Seems like Bambi & Thumper could greet you when you open the door!
  5. Only when I had to on that road. I-4 I could get through but I would not do that on that overused four lane. 30 minutes for two blocks? Everyday? I don't miss that but can't forget either. Had the Silverado then too.
  6. It was all fun except for the traffic on 17/92 when I was in Maitland!
  7. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    I have just started to enjoy Albert King since I got that "I'll Play the Blues For You" record and another last year. Then I've pulled him up on youtube so much he's still in the list when I plugged the roku back in! Better keep that one... it's from 2019 and you can not download youtube to roku anymore since they went to war with each other.
  8. "Short Skirt..." I got to see them once too! At a little concert hall/bar in Orlando! * My sis-in-law at the time said they were awful, I told her they were the new-wave dead
  9. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    & how many times has that one piece of music been turned into something unforgettable? To hear it done by the writer with SRV is very nice indeed! https://www.songfacts.com/facts/albert-king/born-under-a-bad-sign
  10. @Subway those are a couple fantastic violinists!
  11. I was there a lot in the 90s & later, back and forth on I-4 from the Cape. Was there the day the Kumba roller coaster opened! Best weightless twist back then (`93)! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumba_(roller_coaster)
  12. Checked into your thread a little lately @jubilee333, welcome & you have fun down there by the bay!
  13. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    The Mail lady was nice to me again... Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session It's a sweet sounding Stax cd too!
  14. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    I tell you what, when i afforded them for the connection between my amp and preamp... I WAS SOLD ON IT! The dead background, the pure sound, and the never ending expanse of the soundstage of the discs I was familiar with. Nuff Said!
  15. JohnJ

    The Other Discs

    Quartz for the clock is great! Balanced outs would be a dream. But those Marantz sacd players are primo to start out with!
  16. I hear ya, when "they" ruined the shortening bread changed for the worse @BigStewMan. Now frozen yeast rolls are still the same & I buy `em at the warehouse. Skippy has less sugar but if Jif has the better price then I'll get that. Good protein when the pecans and leftover meat are gone.
  17. Bet that lil pup is soft and even smells good! @dirtmudd that is the best thing I've seen ever from that stadium. Heck of a thing for them to pull off YYZ, and I'm not finished listening yet!
  18. & I thought it was short for Do tell... 👍
  19. & if you weren't from far off you wouldn't even get the extra clarification! To the point, frank, rude, curt or just barrel strength. Once you're in you'd know it!
  20. That LP and the anthemic, heavy ballad kinds of sounds were a surprise to me. The fact that they still sounded like themselves told me they pulled off the crossover to the "regular" side of FM.
  21. Soo Ghost mouse brought that up! Tough video had to crank it and put it full screen! Not too shabby for an 80s pop band!
  22. JohnJ

    Yeah, why?

    Praise the ____ and pass the a##o!
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