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  1. Oh okay, then my understanding of the situation was correct, thanks!
  2. will do! Question though, would I need a terminal cup if I already had a plate amp? (in this case the Dayton SPA500) I always thought that it was either one of the other. Good thing that you mention it, that way at least I'll be sure!
  3. Oh I see, thanks for your input! at this point I'm not sure yet what I would like, but I will update that on here when I have made a decision.
  4. Thanks! Which sub would you intuitively choose? Or would you be so uncertain that you would not?
  5. Hello everyone, Sorry for being away for this long! so with the advice that has been given to me I am now debating between the following two options: DIY Dayton SPA 500 (540 watt at 4 ohm, click for more details) Dayton UM12-22 (click for more details) 12 inch, 600 watt RMS 1200 watt max 20 to 1,000 Hz frequency response cabinet size 3.68 ft3, bass reflex versus Pre-built Klipsch R-115SW (click for more details) 15 inch, 400 watt RMS 800 watt max 18 to 125Hz frequency response 4 ft3 (recommended cabinet size) bass reflex Not counting the costs for the MDF, screws and glue this costs about 20 euros more than the Klipsch. Because the other tools are already present or are going to be purchased regardless of what I decide on(saw, router, clamps etc) Looking at the stats I would think both would be somewhat similar, but I have only just started looking into subwoofers in general so I would like your opinions on these two. My two cents are that the Dayton will play louder (4 ohm and more watts), but the klipsch R-115SW will move more air(bigger cone size) and reach lower frequencies(?) also I would like to know if the plate amp would be sufficient enough for a bass reflex cabinet so in short, my main questions are(TLDR): How do these two subs stack up against each other (Dayton um12-22 + Dayton SPA500 vs Klipsch R-115SW)? Is the Dayton SPA500 powerful enough to handle the Dayton um12-22 in a vented cabinet? Thank you in advance!
  6. Thank you for both your feedback! It is definitely reassuring to know. My original issue was mostly that I didn't know whether the older model might outperform the newer one, but based on your opinion and derrickdj1's I am pretty confident that the R-112SW is the better choice of the two, maybe just a little but I think that it would be worth the investment, and in case I come across a significantly less expensive (secondhand maybe?) Sub 12 this would also be a option worth considering. I'm also still considering a DIY subwoofer. Personally I am kind of excited about building my own, however it takes a lot of time(which I don't have at the moment unfortunately), and having klipsch speakers does have an advantage in the fact that my other speakers are also all klipsch speakers(except for my rear speakers). Not sure if that would be only aesthetically pleasing, though I could imagine that using the same brand speakers will also yield a better "synergy" between the speakers? (Can anyone confirm whether this is true or not? ) Also, does anyone happen to know if there exist complete speaker kits for Klipsch speakers as well? I have not been able to find them so far unfortunately. But If they do, then that would be Ideal for me in the sense that I could save up money, and still have matching speakers.
  7. Lol that sounds good for sure! I will have to look for stores within my country though cause I think Shipping and import taxes will probably cause me to lose a big part of what I'm saving, but yeah I'm definitely looking into this.
  8. NIce! Thanks for the tip! I am actually waiting for my new room to become available as that's where the new subwoofer will be placed and that won't be til mid-august so right now I'm still only orienting, but if it only requires gluing parts together I suppose it should be doable for me. Of course I will still need to prepare well and work very carefully, but knowing this definitely makes it worth considering.
  9. Ah I see, thank you for the background information, that explains a lot!
  10. In the back of my mind I have considered that option as well, but I figured I would need a bit of a more technical background in order to do so, and considering I'm only a beginner compared to most people here probably I kind of figured that would be out of my reach for now. How long did it take you to learn the required techniques to safely build your own subs?
  11. Yeah true, I wish I had that kind of funds, but right now the level of a single 12 inch sub is all I can afford, maybe a 15, but I think a 12 is where it's at for me right now.
  12. Ah yeah that makes sense. I mostly use my system for PC gaming and music, but I don't have a specific requirement yet as what I would like to have result wise, but I will try to specify that for myself Haha what?
  13. Oh apologies, I think I did not formulate that right haha I meant only that I agreed with nitrofan about that I like the Sub 12 sound quality. About the fact that other people seem to not like it on here I don't know much since I have only been here on this forum since a few hours Thanks for elaborating your previous answer by the way. I think you definitely make a good point, and to be honest I am also a bit prone to getting addicted to upgrading. I will indeed have to experiment a bit, do you think it would be a good idea to borrow the Sub 12 and use that one as a reference to see how it sounds in my room since they are virtually the same in terms of performance (and then assume that the sound will be approximately the same with the R-112SW)? My room is not that big by the way. I don't know the exact sizes yet, but the distance certainly won't be more than 10 feet. Thanks again, and sorry for the misunderstanding!
  14. Yeah I agree, I am quite impressed by it. Anything on that level or higher will definitely be a significant upgrade for me, that's why I was wondering how it stacked up against the R-112SW because finding the Sub 12 is going to be harder, but if it ends up being better than the R-112SW it might be worth looking for it anyway. Based on the reply of derrickdj1 however this seems to be not the case (rather they are pretty much equal)
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