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  1. Yes, starting from D6500 (and D6400, also) and obviously D8500x, the difference from the so called Marantz sound (a part from the Hdam modules) seems vanishing in the Denon line of Avrs. At least that's what I have read in the last months on Avs forums. You have your choices! Regards Alessandro
  2. Well, as I said, get acquainted! 7013, 6013= year 2018. 7012 = 2017. 7011 = 2016. 7200wa = I believe 2013, not sure (edit, 2014 base, 2015 wa variant with added hdcp compliant hdmi board). Anyway, eArc included from the year 2017 models (and on ) could still be included in the majority of Tvsets producers, and for Marantz is an old feature! I would not buy again my receiver today ( unless it's a gift !), so eventually go for the 7012. Regards Alessandro
  3. As I understand you enjoy music listening (Tidal), then Marantz. But which? Try to get acquainted with D+M marketing/set numbers. If you compare D4500 it should go with M7013, not M6013. Unless web interface (and I don't know what else, I actually own a Sr7011, btw) which is coming back from the past, there isn't so much new in the 2018 range (Imax ? So Dts could surpass 11channel limit? - you still have max 11 channel !) , so in my opinion the better treatment/extra setting for two channel stereo you would gain with f.e. Sr7012 will cost you exactly what your budget is, maybe less. I demoed 6011 and going top of the line with 7011 brought much more smoothness/authority and clarity with the upgrade. Moreover, Klipsch sensitivity is a no problem with power needings. Good luck and enjoy! Regards Alessandro Edit: what has been told from other forum members is subscribed in full. Only a clear recommendation: I am still running my father's Klipsch Cornwall from 1978! Together with other 10 speakers. You need only one good/sufficient stereo amp (for front top or front height) to run four overheads, go Atmos/DtsX/Auro!
  4. Hello everybody here! Just installed 4 Klipsch CP-6 as my FH - RH on ceiling in a 7.1.4 Atmos/10.1 Auro system. Impressed, as the upgrade was surely huge from the little satellites I had before. I have had not an easy task fixing the cables, nuts where always rolling ( the speakers post ones, and also mine's ! ). Now I have a problem! I have to toe in the front ones. I tried loosening the two screws and pulling, the speaker doesn't unlock. What's the way to unmount the speakers? Owners manual only speaks about mounting! Any help? TIA Regards Alessandro
  5. Good evening, I have a pair of Cornwall from 1979, have to get a tweeter driver ( will change two) and in the occasion, if ... there is still availability of these crossovers, I could be interested, too. First time poster, recently joined through Tapatalk. Cornwalls were my father's, now lead my 3 amps, 7.1.5 Auro3D installation. Regards Alessandro Pescara, Italy
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