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  1. Thanks, yes I have short runs from my receiver to my left and right mains and to my center channel and I use 12 gauge oxygen free copper wire I got from Monoprice, so I planned on getting the same. as far as referring to the manual, if you're referring to the booklet that came with the speakers, that thing is useless. I think I'm better off going to Dolby's website where it is explains things in detail with decent illustrations. Unless there is some other manual you're referring to. I'll try them sitting on top of floor speakers first and if not satisfied I'll wall mount them.
  2. Ceiling is flat and drywall, ceiling is 8 feet heigh. They are sitting on top of RP-280F's so that puts the atmos speakers halfway up to the ceiling and the listening position is 13 feet away. I currently have the surrounds directly to the left and right of the listening position and the main drivers are of the speakers are about 1.5 feet above head level when sitting. They seemed up a bit high which is why I wanted to come out here and double check that was correct. You said about 3 feet above the head but that would put them real close to the ceiling if I went that high with them. Seems like I might already have them in a good spot? the overall size of the room is 12 feet wide X 14 feet deep X 8 feet high. My main concern with the Atmos speakers was, if I put them on top of the floorstanding speakers and I'm sitting 13 feet away, would the sound bounce at the right angle off the ceiling and make it back to the listening position? If not, is it better to mount the speakers on the wall near the ceiling so it projects the sound directly at the listening position? Which method would give me the best sound given the distance of my listening position? i still need to buy speaker wire for both sets of speakers so I want to get them in the correct spots so I know how much speaker wire to purchase. sorry for the long reply.
  3. Hi everyone, I need a little assistance please. Just purchased a pair of bookshelf RP-160M speakers for surround sound speakers. I have to sit along the back wall and the speakers need to be to the immediate left and right of the listening position. My question is, how high should they be? Should the divers be equal to my head/ears when sitting, or a bit higher? If higher, how much higher? Second question pertains to one pair of Atmos Enabled speakers I got, model RP-140SA. So running a 5.1.2 surround system. Is it best to put these speakers on top of my left and right main speakers pointing at the ceiling and bounce the sound off the ceiling or mount them on the wall near the ceiling above my TV and have them shoot the sound down at me? My left and right main speakers are RP-280F's and they are about 12 feet apart from each other and 13 feet away from the listening position, pretty much a perfect triangle. What's the best method for placing these speakers for best Atmos sound? I have a flat plaster ceiling apx 8 feet high. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Sorry for the double post. Just got off the phone with a local small pop dealer here in my town. A place I didn't even think sold audio equipment like receivers. Turns out they are an authorized Marantz dealer, found them directly off Marantz's website "find a dealer" link. I had to ask this guy multiple times if the price he quoted me was correct and was it brand new or a refurb. I couldn't believe what he told me. Brand new SR 7011 for $1,499. Needless to say, I'll be stopping in. Ask one more time in person if he's referring to brand new.
  5. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. Greatly appreciated! Things to think about.
  6. Just FYI, that's for a referb, not the price for new. The price most likely won't drop till the new model comes out, which looks like September or October. i don't think I have a solid reason to wait for the new SR 7012. 32 bit DAC and Auro 3D comes standard, that seems to be the only significant upgrades from the 7011. I saw on Marantz's forums that several older model AVR's will get the HLG update via firmware. I don't think the new model will be 200 watts, 2 channels driven. That would be the only thing beneficial to best power my 280F's. So I can either go ahead and buy now or wait 2-3 months to see if the current model comes down in price when the new one comes out.
  7. Yes, good point. The only speakers I have of those listed above are two RP-280F's. Still need to get all the other speakers and a SVS Sub. The next thing on my list to get was the AVR, but could wait and get some other speakers first.
  8. Yes, that's my situation, do I upgrade now on last years model, wait a couple more months for this years model, and if so, is this years model worth waiting for, or wait for this years model to come out so last years model will drop in price and get that. So that's what brings me here is go get everyone's perspective. The other concern I had was the "200 watts". That was some info I saw on another website, it didn't specify if it was 2 channels driven or just 1 channel driven. I think Marantz is supposed to release the specs for the SR 7012 some time in August, so maybe I'll wait a few more weeks. Two other things that would help me make a choice, what would be the significance going from 24 to 32 bit DAC technology. I'm not a expert by any means in this area. Would be something to make me want to wait for the new receiver to come out? A significant upgrade? The other is the HLG (hyper log gamma), could Marantz include this into the current 7011 model via a firmware update or is it hardware specific that only the new SR 7012 could be capable of, and is this technology considered a "must have" in the future. I've kind of read up about it and it has to do with TV broadcasting. What originally brought me here to ask this/these questions on Klipsch forum board is, if it's true the new SR 7012 is 200 watts - 2 ch driver into 8ohms, along with all the other speakers in the surround sound setup, would that be too much watts, but someone else already answered that it wouldn't be If the new SR 7012 receiver is only 125 watts - 2 channel driven like the 7011 is, and 32 bit DAC technology really isn't going to give me any significant improvement in sound over a 24 bit DAC, and HLG technology isn't going to become some mandatory thing (obviously we don't know yet) then I'd probably just go ahead and get the current Marantz 7011. Hopefully all that made since. So based on that, what opinions and suggestions do you guys have? I'm sure you guys are better experts at this than I so I'm hoping to gain knowledge and advise. Thanks. EDIT: Ok, so researching further, it looks like the current SR 7011 will be get the HLG upgrade via firmware later this year. So I guess the only question I have is, is waiting for a 32 bit DAC capability worth it? Would I even be able to hear the difference in sound quality?
  9. I was about to pull the trigger this Saturday by going out and buying the Marantz SR 7011 AVR when I saw Marantz is releasing a new receiver in a month or two, the SR 7012. From what I read it will be a 200W per channel into 8ohm, upgraded from 24 to 32bit DAC’s, have the new video format of Hybrid Log Gamma and maybe a few other things. My question is, with this being a 200W per channel receiver, what would be my concern if my surround sound setup consisted of the following speakers? RP-280F @ 150W RMS as L/R speakers RP-450C @ 150W RMS as Center channel RP-160M @ 100W RMS as L/R surround speakers RP-140SA @ 50W RMS for Atmos/height speakers My first thought is, the new Marantz receiver has a much higher watt output than these speakers RMS limits, especially the 140SA’s. I don’t plan on turning the volume up to max ever, but a moderate level for movies and music. What’s a general rule of thumb and other things I should know about? Also, do you all think the new SR 7012 is worth the wait, no big deal over the current SR 7011, is a jump from 24 to 32bit DAC really worth it, etc?? Any insights anyone can give me would be appreciated. Again, I was about to purchase the SR 7011 this weekend when I saw I’m only a month or two away from a newer receiver. Thanks.
  10. Would like to revive this topic now that it's 2017 as i just purchased a pair of RP-280F's a month ago now, will be buying the Klipsch 112 subwoofer within the next month, then upgrading my AVR. After a lot of research over the past 3 weeks, I think I'm down to considering the Yamaha A3060 or the Marantz SR7011. I want a receiver with great sound and reliability first and foremost. Definitely good sound to go along with my new Klipsch speakers. At the moment I'm leaning more toward the Yamaha A3060 but it's only drawback is it doesn't have Auro 3D upgradability where the Marantz SR7011 does, although I don't know if that feature is that big of a deal for me as they both have Atmos. I realize everyone will reply suggesting what they own, but was just wondering if anyone has any further info to add. Thanks
  11. I will be using banana plugs, been doing a little research on those as well. would these work ok? Sewell Direct SW-29751-6 Silverback Banana Plugs(6 pairs/12 pieces) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005E1CGZC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_PWYbzb895PQE0
  12. Quick question please. In a couple weeks I plan on buying a pair of RP 280F speakers and would like to know what you guys use for speaker wire? What quality wire should I be looking for? I'm planning on using 12 AWG and oxygen free, but unsure what brands to stay away from and what brands are reputable and great to use. If anyone has links they would like to share with me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Ah, I just missed it. Dang! I signed up for the newsletter and I'll keep an eye out on the website, thanks.
  14. I will, and thank you to everyone who replied offering me your wisdom and advise, much appreciated! I know for certain I'm starting with the RF-280F floor standing speakers. After that I plan on buying the R-112SW subwoofer. Then the RP-250C center speaker. Lastly the RP-250S surround speakers. Hoping to purchase each of those a month apart from each other as I have the money and can afford to. So I think it will take me about 4-5 month to acquire all the speakers. In the mean time I'll keep researching AVR's, go to local audio shops and do some listening tests to see what sounds good to me. If I have any further questions, hopefully you guys will give me further advise. Question: I watched a couple YouTube videos of people un-boxing their RP-280F speakers and reviewing them and they mentioned they got a good deal from Klipsch where if they bought a set of speakers Klipsch offered a free subwoofer. Anyone know how often Klipsch offers a deal like this? I'd buy a set of RP-280F's right now if I could get that sweet deal. :-)
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