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  1. Anyone ever here of a piano company selling Lascalas made by Klipsch in a slightly different set up (they look like Cornwalls with grill cloth sides)? I'm wanting to trade a Pioneer SX-1250 for a set of Cornwalls (or something similar), and there's a guy I know who has these Lascalas that he's interested in trading (with some cash). I know the guy, he's trustworthy and couldn't be nicer. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever heard or seen such a Lascala. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. I've never heard a pair of cornscalas either, but there was a pair for $1000 about 6 hours away from me. I thought about going, but then I'd have had to explain to my wife why I was going to be gone all day long (and I'd have to borrow a truck to bring them home) and I couldn't think of anything to tell her except "I'm going to Missouri to buy another expensive giant pair of speakers that you'll hate".
  3. New member the forum, but I've been reading here for years. I recently had a pair of La Scalas that came with an extra pair of crossovers. I passed the La Scalas on, but I still have the extra crossovers. I want to build a pair of Cornwalls. The crossovers look just like Cornwall crossovers, but there must be some differences. If you were to put together a set of Cornwalls from mix-n-matched components, which horns, mids, & drivers would you use? Or would you just build cornscalas instead?
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