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  1. damn......I wished I was closer. I'm way down south in naples
  2. Hahahaha. Don't ask. I was looking for a RC-7 and ended up with a pair of RF-7's. I blame you guys!
  3. I just picked up these RF-5's and a RC-25 and I've now gone down a different route. so these babies will have to go into a new home. the RF-5's are mint!!! the grilles are perfect and the cabinets are blemish free. no touch ups anywhere. the RC-25 is a year old and comes with its original box. again in excellent condition. i'm asking $500 plus shipping for the RF-5's and $150 shipped for the RC-25. thanks
  4. ok........so a unexpected change of plans happened yesterday. I found a pair of RF-7's last night and got a RC-62ii. so now the RF-5's will be up for sale, plus the RC-25. i'll post a pic later
  5. missed out on a NIB one last night.......oh well
  6. I might be interested in it to carry me until I find a RC-7
  7. Thanks. They sound decent too. Driven by a rotel rmb1095 (definitely not as good as my anthem A5) and a marantz 7702 mk2
  8. yeah the GTS is sweet looking. just got my RF-5's today. they were mint! grilles perfect and virtually no blemishes on the cabinets. now all I need is that RC-7!!!!
  9. no worries.......also, the macan is a great vehicle. I wouldn't say no to a GTS version
  10. thanks.....using it now. there's some amazing deals out there!!!! RF-7's with RC-7 for $1200!!
  11. hahahaha.......yeah been a Porsche tech at dealer level for 16 yrs. now I have my own shop down in florida what trades we talking??
  12. thanks for re-inforcing my decision on what i'm hoping to build
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