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  1. damn......I wished I was closer. I'm way down south in naples
  2. Hahahaha. Don't ask. I was looking for a RC-7 and ended up with a pair of RF-7's. I blame you guys!
  3. I just picked up these RF-5's and a RC-25 and I've now gone down a different route. so these babies will have to go into a new home. the RF-5's are mint!!! the grilles are perfect and the cabinets are blemish free. no touch ups anywhere. the RC-25 is a year old and comes with its original box. again in excellent condition. i'm asking $500 plus shipping for the RF-5's and $150 shipped for the RC-25. thanks
  4. ok........so a unexpected change of plans happened yesterday. I found a pair of RF-7's last night and got a RC-62ii. so now the RF-5's will be up for sale, plus the RC-25. i'll post a pic later
  5. missed out on a NIB one last night.......oh well
  6. I might be interested in it to carry me until I find a RC-7
  7. Thanks. They sound decent too. Driven by a rotel rmb1095 (definitely not as good as my anthem A5) and a marantz 7702 mk2
  8. yeah the GTS is sweet looking. just got my RF-5's today. they were mint! grilles perfect and virtually no blemishes on the cabinets. now all I need is that RC-7!!!!
  9. no worries.......also, the macan is a great vehicle. I wouldn't say no to a GTS version
  10. thanks.....using it now. there's some amazing deals out there!!!! RF-7's with RC-7 for $1200!!
  11. hahahaha.......yeah been a Porsche tech at dealer level for 16 yrs. now I have my own shop down in florida what trades we talking??
  12. thanks for re-inforcing my decision on what i'm hoping to build
  13. ok thanks......I guess i'll use the 25 for now until a RC-7 comes along. maybe convince reynol to sell me his. haha
  14. ok......I think I've found a pair of RF-5's local to me. it also comes with a RC-25 too. shall I hold out for a RC-7 while using the 25 or opt for the RC-3 instead? thanks
  15. ok......keep me in mind please. i'm shopping for one whats the difference between that and a C7?
  16. hahahahaha.........i'm still actively looking. how well do they sound for both films and music? perhaps 80% HT use
  17. thanks......can't wait to try it out. if that fails, then i'll look into some kef towers like the Q900 or maybe some more digms
  18. Boston I think those RF-7's are too big for me. I've seen them in person and they are massive!!! Rey......sent you a message
  19. Hello everyone I'm new to the forum. I've decided to take a different route with my setup. I've heard a lot of good and bad about klipsch but I've always been curious about their best bang for the buck sound and quality. My previous setups were the paradigm studio 100's and matching cc690 centre. I recently just sold my monitor audio golds which were also amazing too. The studio 100's were impressive and the monitor audio gold centre was very detailed. I've kinda narrowed my next venture down to the older klipsch speakers. So I'm in the market for a pair of RF-5's and matching RC-7 in the black finish. If there's any avail please let me know. Thanks in advance
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