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  1. Klipsch Powered Speakers

    That wireless amp is an alternative I have to research. I just figured the two aforementioned speakers be rated at 260 Watts would be a lot easier to work with. You can't possibly know the configuration of my room but in a nut shell, the TV sits on a stand that has a receptacle directly behind it. From there I have place on the stand out of site a six plug heavy duty surge protector. In that are the TV, Blu Ray, and Klipsch Sound bar. My train of thought is that the speakers will take the place of the sound bar and wireless sub and connect directly to the TV thus they will work as my speakers for the TV and provide me stereo sound. I can plug them into the surge protector and hide that cable and the tethering cable in the stand behind pictures and assorted what-nots. I am really under educated as to how these wireless amps and gates work I will have to look into them. I am not a lover of extreme levels of bass although I understand the need. I was hoping the R-28PF with the two 8" woofers would suffice in a room that is 10x12. It's a small room and even that speaker may be to large for the room. But there are times I feel compelled to hit the neighbors with some Stevie Ray Vaughn. I am also considering The Sixes with some 28" speaker stands. Because I am a man of limited means and spent what I did have on my kids education I have been out of the game for a very long time so I struggle with some of the technology out there.
  2. Klipsch Powered Speakers

    That is an oddly amazing price. At the site the R26PF is $999.00 I wonder if it's a misprint and I question that because the R28 Non Powered Speaker http://www.klipsch.com/products/reference-floorstanding-speakers?model=r-28f is that cost on the site.
  3. Klipsch Powered Speakers

    Yeah I know, at the time I could not afford Klipsch, but the kid has graduated and its my time before I die. Got the Klipsch computer speakers, killer Klipsch Sound bar, next move is the WiFi Bluetooth Floor Standing speakers.
  4. Klipsch Powered Speakers

    But you no longer need a receiver, CD, player, turntable all the music is stream-able. And these speakers hook right to the TV so when I listen to music on Amazon Prime or Pandora it runs right to the speaker. A lot less cable mess. I just can't figure what the big diff between the R26PF and R28 PF is.
  5. Klipsch Powered Speakers

    33 Views no replies. I guess most are in the same boat I am.
  6. I am sure a lot of purists will chuckle at me so be it. I got tired of the wired mess sold the SAE equipment donated my JBL speakers system to a church. And have transitioned into the 2000s. I own a Klipsch Sound bar and the computer speakers (amazing what they did there) and I once owned some KG4s. I am torn between the R-28PF and The R-26PF the only major difference I see is the woofer size and the Freq Response is a little different. Is that the only discernible difference. I ask because at the site the R-26PF is $999.00 and New Egg is offering the R-28PF for $899.00 Am I missing something here that seems like a good deal for $899.00
  7. What Sub For R-26PF Speakers

    Many moons ago I was the proud owner of the Klipsch KG4 they since passed and I am on to newer technologies. My son has got me into the wireless age and I have down loaded about 7,000 songs to my phones and tablets. I have a very small music room 10x12, and I soon plan to buy the Klipsch R-26PF or the R-28PF. Not even sure a sub will be needed yet, but in the event I should what sub would best match this speaker? As there is no AV Receiver I assume it's not possible to go wireless Sub? Any input is greatly appreciated. MoJo63
  8. Hello all first post; As I am a man of limited means I have to be very selective of my choices. I have been waiting a long time for Klipsch to bring wireless my way and was much as I hate to put the old KG4s out to pasture the time has come. I currently have the Klipsch KB-20 Sound Bar with wireless sub I am close to purchasing The Sixes as my room is only 10x12 think they are a nice fit, I want to add a small sub my question is, will the Sub from the sound bar work if not will the wireless R-10SWi work? As I also plan to purchase The Three or The One for a separate location will they operate separate of the sub? Thanks in advance