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  1. Yeah the room would not really accommodate a third Hersey IV I will look into the RC-64111 it's a pricey little booger
  2. So about a year ago I tried a wireless set up thought it may work because I have a small room 11x12 purchased The Sixes and truth be told that lack the punch and drive even for that small a room. Going back to wired (wife gonna hate me) basic set up Onkyo TX-NR5100 receiver connecting to the Heresy IV. The dilemma should I add a center speaker? Or is that mostly for TV and movies and if so a nice sound bar could work for TV apps. Do any of you find a benefit to a center channel speaker for music? And if so can you suggest a nice one preferably under a grand.
  3. So I want to update my Sixes info: As I stated before I also have the Klipsch R20-B sound bar with Sub has been my TV Sound bar for years. Upon getting The Sixes and placing them in the same living room area I could not get The Sixes to connect it kept finding only the Sound Bar. Klipsch suggested I do the factory reset and try again I did and again it failed. Bottom line I had to unplug the soundbar in order to connect The Sixes, the bar and speakers work off the same frequency, same remote but the bar must have a more powerful bluetooth option. So in nutshell if you are considering the speaker and have other Klipsch Bluetooth devices you may need consider alternate options. I intend to buy a new soundbar I have a Samsung TV might just get an inexpensive Samsung non bluetooth soundbard. Good New my kid got his first pieces of Klipsch gear.
  4. I have not had this issue, but my Sixes will no longer connect via Bluetooth. While searching my device locates the KB-20 sound bar. I contacted Klipsch but they have not yet gotten back with me. Have you reached out them?
  5. So to update in case anyone might be considering this purchase. The Sixes sound great but lack any real power. A lot of the reviews I read indicated they were reasonably powered and most felt no Sub would be needed. My room is 12x10 with ceramic tile floors the speakers are on a 36" Stand and while it's sufficient for the room it really doesn't overwhelm. If you are okay listening to AC DC at lower levels it will suffice and contrary to their mantra the neighbors wont mind. If you listen more to James Taylor or Steely Dan etc this speaker for that size room is solid purchase, I might include a 10" Sub. I like the look a lot it's based on the Heritage design and have a real clean look. While I am not disappointed with the purchase a little more kick would have been nice.
  6. So I should be able to stream my library to the speakers from the PC.
  7. So the wife broke down and purchased The Sixes for me in Walnut, Klipsch offered 40% off she paid $479 which IMO is a great price. She wanted to purchase a Sub Woofer but all reviews I have read indicate these speakers are bass capable and a sub is only needed if you really need that extra base. So the question I have a Bluetooth Dongle on my PC is it possible to connect The Sixes to my PC iTunes library and play tunes from the library to the speakers? Or from Amazon Music via the PC or Smart TV? I ask because I also have the Klipsch KB20 Soundbar with Sub and would like to continue using that for TV and movies.
  8. Well sorry to bring this back up but the wife has ordered The Sixes for me, she tries to be sneaky but the email confirmations are set to me so she doesn't realize I know they are in route. I got to thinking about something and wanted so input. I currently own the Klipsch R20B soundbard with wireless sub, it is hooked into my TV via the Digital / Optical cable. I was wondering when The Sixes arrive if the soundbar could be hooked into the TV using old school AV Jacks and The Sixes hooked into the set using the Digital Optical Cable? I ask because I listen to a lot of music with my Amazon Prime account I like Amazon's music set up it offers a lot of options and while I can still stream my collection the Prime option is a lot more convenient. Would there be any reason this could not be done? I realize I may have to assign the speaker each time ie watching TV versus listening to music.
  9. And I have gotten the same result from others. I guess I really should not be all that worried about it, it is Klipsch. One thing I loved about the being in the Army overseas back in the day, they somehow managed to have Audio reps from all companies. That is where I first heard the KG4 which I coupled with SAE pissed off a lot of Bose lovers in the barracks with that combo.
  10. So he is a creative free spirited thinker, nothing wrong with that. Ahh now I get it. Sidebar: Does anyone know where I could listen to The Sixes in Florida?
  11. What does this have to do with the subject at hand?
  12. Which is why I think IMO anyway they labeled them Heritage Wireless vs Heritage, they did create seperation
  13. Yeah this has me baffled to. I think somehow, someone tied it into my posts about Wireless / Powered, not sure why Klpsch can't do both?
  14. Did you look at the speakers Klipsch is putting out there? I linked them, pretty sure this is happening and will continue to happen
  15. Hmm I thought that was pretty much written off as bunk. I remember them talking about three or four years ago.
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