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  1. Well sorry to bring this back up but the wife has ordered The Sixes for me, she tries to be sneaky but the email confirmations are set to me so she doesn't realize I know they are in route. I got to thinking about something and wanted so input. I currently own the Klipsch R20B soundbard with wireless sub, it is hooked into my TV via the Digital / Optical cable. I was wondering when The Sixes arrive if the soundbar could be hooked into the TV using old school AV Jacks and The Sixes hooked into the set using the Digital Optical Cable? I ask because I listen to a lot of music with my Amazon Prime account I like Amazon's music set up it offers a lot of options and while I can still stream my collection the Prime option is a lot more convenient. Would there be any reason this could not be done? I realize I may have to assign the speaker each time ie watching TV versus listening to music.
  2. And I have gotten the same result from others. I guess I really should not be all that worried about it, it is Klipsch. One thing I loved about the being in the Army overseas back in the day, they somehow managed to have Audio reps from all companies. That is where I first heard the KG4 which I coupled with SAE pissed off a lot of Bose lovers in the barracks with that combo.
  3. So he is a creative free spirited thinker, nothing wrong with that. Ahh now I get it. Sidebar: Does anyone know where I could listen to The Sixes in Florida?
  4. What does this have to do with the subject at hand?
  5. Which is why I think IMO anyway they labeled them Heritage Wireless vs Heritage, they did create seperation
  6. Yeah this has me baffled to. I think somehow, someone tied it into my posts about Wireless / Powered, not sure why Klpsch can't do both?
  7. Did you look at the speakers Klipsch is putting out there? I linked them, pretty sure this is happening and will continue to happen
  8. Hmm I thought that was pretty much written off as bunk. I remember them talking about three or four years ago.
  9. Human health issues where did this come from? And I agree there are still issues, and may be for some time but I do feel it's happening as we speak. I don't think anyone myself included thinks it will surpass the capabilities of hard wired set ups. For me a dude with limited funds, and a small 10x12 music room The Sixes make a whole lot of sense. Very affordable, great looking, Klipsch technology and support, I am the market they are targeting.
  10. Yeah I won't disagree with any of that, but much like wired technology got better and better so will wireless, hell it already has. Companies like Klipsch well respected in the industry need to be and appear to be the tip of the spear as it relates to wireless / powered and I think it's part of a new direction Klipsch is headed.
  11. https://www.klipsch.com/powered-speakers All these plus https://www.klipsch.com/heritage-wireless Are considered wireless / powered ie they do not require amplification from an additional source and will allow Bluetooth and Direct TV. Phone etc hook up. Klipsch is very much moving in this direction, which again is not implying the will kill any of the traditional line up
  12. Go to the site and look them up, they are labeled as Heritage Wireless, period... That is what they are listed under, it makes the argument that Klipsch might be considering a Heritage wireless lineup as well as the wireless reference line up. Heritage Inspired means that Klipsch drew their inspiration for the design from the Heritage line, and when you look at the make they meet the specs, Horn loaded, Furniture Grade Materials, Made in USA. I think we all know these are not Klipschorns, or LaScala or any other that does not negate the concept that Klipsch could be making an effort to create a Heritage Wireless lineup.
  13. So what exactly is not a fact? Someone is misrepresenting here. You don't think the future is wireless technology? You don't think Klipsch listed them as Heritage Wireless? You don't think Klipsch plans on moving forward with wireless speakers? What exactly is it you are claiming is opinion. And I don't think anyone has or would refer to any Klipsch speaker as a Bose speaker.
  14. Those aren't opinions they are facts. And nowhere did I imply Klipsch would stop making their Flagship speakers, don't make things up for the sake of argument.
  15. Well it would be real interesting to hear what Klipsch has to say. As I linked, the site they are under the Heritage line, are they vintage Heritage? No, of course not! But it seems to me Klipsch is wanting more than just the vintage Heritage, they want to move forward and not live in the past. They are listed under Heritage Wireless, which makes me wonder if they are trying to get a wireless Heritage line going. Wireless is the future and they can either be the tip of the spear of fall behind in the field. As for the headphones, one would think headphones made of wood would be quite heavy.
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