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  1. It can get way too loud for my living room. Also the amps sound very nice, clean and sweet at comfortable listening levels.
  2. Also I posted the information about contributing and some pictures on the following Facebook Groups : Vintage Klipsch Fans Klipsch Fanatics To raise the awareness. Later Bob W.
  3. Donation sent. If you have donations that exceed the cost of the speakers, please use any way you wish.
  4. Which option should I use when sending the donation thru PayPal? options are "pay for goods and services", "friends and family" or "send a gift"
  5. One of the Admin's of the Vintage Klipsch Fans group on Facebook said that when I make a post with the donation link , he will pin the post for a couple days.
  6. If a fund is set up to help the museum get these very early LaScalas, please let me know where and when to donate. Thank you...
  7. Like I posted on the Facebook KLIPSCH OWNERS Group I am willing to donate some money, because they belong in the museum. I am concerned that if a local private individual buys them, when they realize the time and expense to do a proper restore that they might decide to either do a kludged mess to get them working or they end on an eBay auction or they end up in a landfill - instead of doing a proper restore.
  8. I received my Carver Root Beer 180 tube mono block amps today. Just got done hooking them up. 180wpc continuous and 240 wpc peak. All the bass slam of a powerful solid state and all the sweet midrange of a tube amp. Already played the first track of the Eagles Greatest Hits Vol 1 and Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water. Going to play some Led Zeppelin next. Bass is impressive, even with La Scalas. Yes, they are brown. Bob Carver made them before the Cherry ones. He only made about 6-8 pairs of the brown ones. I contacted Bob Carver today about the bias instructions for these amps. I was amazed how quickly he got back to me. He also told me all the types of power tubes that I could use in these amps.
  9. Once FedEx delivers them next week, I will post pictures.
  10. I have purchased a pair of used Bob Carver Root Beer 180 tube mono block amps. They are rated at 180wpc continuous and at least 220wpc peak. Each amp has 6 Carver Silver Eagle/Shuguang KT88 tubes, 1 Telefunken 12AX7, 1 Telefunken 12AT7, and 1 6AL5. They have been shipped and are in FedEX possession, the FedEX estimated delivery date is October 31. Once I have received them and set them up I will post pictures. The amps will be hooked up to a pair of 1996 LaScalas with Crites Type A crossovers(with the 4500 mod) and CT-120 tweeters.
  11. My McIntosh MC225 vs Inspire HotRod vs Inspire 45Fire Bottle comparison. The Inspire 45 Fire Bottle sounds best, then the McIntosh MC225 and last place goes to the Inspire HotRod. MC225 has best bass and the 45 Fire Bottle has best midrange. The sound differences between the amps are very minimal. This is using a pair of 1996 LaScalas with Crites A/4500 Crossovers and CT-120 tweeters.
  12. Also Dennis Had gives great support on the Inspire equipment. I had 1 channel on my LP-3a pre amp make a crunching noise and then the channel got quieter. I replaced the tubes with known good tubes, it did not fix it. Sent Dennis an email. He had me ship it to him, when he received my LP-3a he fixed it and I received a notice that he shipped it back in less than 4 hours after he received it. My LP-3a has been working fine ever since.
  13. Stainz - my Russian made Tung-sol 7581a tubes had that blueish glow from when I first plugged them in, it looks worse in pictures than in person. I now have over 150 hours on them, they sounded great when I first plugged them in and now they sound even better. They are being marketed as a 6L6 with extra headroom, I find them very balanced and musical with very good bass, hi frequency, & midrange.
  14. This is my favorite Dennis Had Inspire Amp. My 45 Firebottle. 2wpc and uses type 45 tubes. It is the best sounding amp I ever heard.
  15. This is my Inspire Hotrod. I have tried new production Genalex KT66 tubes, Tung-sol KT150 tube, vintage NOS Western Electric 350b tubes, and new production Tung-sol 7581a tubes. My favorite is the new production Tung-sol 7581a tubes. I have also tried various 6SN7 tubes - NOS RCA, Shuguang treasures CV-181z, and new production Tung-sol - I keep coming back to the Tung-sol tubes.
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