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  1. I got my Schiit Aegir in November. I use it with a pair of 1996 LaScala's. It sounds amazing. I have attached a chart that PWK put together on amplifier power and sound level, the chart also includes Cornwalls.
  2. My 1996's came with the K77M tweeters(square magnet), K55M midrange with the composite horn, and the K33E woofer with round magnet. I noticed with Crites crossovers the midrange seemed a more present & "everything out", while my Klipsch AL3 crossovers are like your Klipsch AL crossovers sound stage. So I decided to go back to the crossovers that my speakers were born with, which to me make my speakers sound much better.
  3. My 1996 LaScala speakers came with the Klipsch AL3 crossovers, I like how they sound. I tried the Crites A/4500 crossovers with the Crites CT-120 tweeters and it seemed like the upper midrange through the high frequency was just too much. Put back in the Klipsch AL3 crossovers and kept the Crites CT-120 tweeters installed, I like the sound of the Klipsch AL3 crossovers better than the Crites A/4500 crossovers. Also the Klipsch AL3 crossovers attenuate the Crites CT-120 tweeters just about perfectly for my system. I guess what I am saying is that if you like the way your LaScala speakers sound then I would not change anything, unless you want a simpler crossover design(like henry4841).
  4. McIntosh amps do sound nice with Klipsch LaScalas. Check out the following chart, per PWK.
  5. I use a Schiit Freya S preamp. It replaced a McIntosh C2500 and the Freya S was a noticeable improvement in sound quality. I have about 100 hours on the Freya S and the sound quality has opened up nicely. The Freya S is the solid state version of the Freya +. https://www.schiit.com/products/freya-s
  6. I received my Schiit Audio Aegir amp about 2 hours ago. I have a pair of Klipsch LaScala speakers. My previous amp was an Inspire Hot Rod KT66 tube amp built by Dennis Had(8 watts) and my pre-amp is a McIntosh C2500 with Sovtek 12AX7LPS tubes. Within the first couple minutes I could tell that the Aegir was a noticeable improvement over the Inspire Hot Rod tube amp, even though the tube amp sounds very nice. The more I listen to my system with the Aegir, the more I want to listen to it, very nice sounding.
  7. With everything I have read about the Vidar and Aegir, I am leaning toward the Aegir. My LaScalas are as efficient as the mighty Klipschorns but the LaScalas do not go as low on the bass, I am currently using an 8wpc single ended tube amp that uses KT66 tubes and I can play the LaScalas extremely loud. I want to find a great sounding solid state amp to replace the tube amp. The best sounding solid state amp I ever had was in a Pioneer SX-424 receiver I used in the middle 1970's, it was only 12wpc.
  8. Ok, I am looking for an opinion. I have a pair of 1996 LaScalas. What would be your choice a Schiit Aegir or a Schiit Vidar?
  9. It can get way too loud for my living room. Also the amps sound very nice, clean and sweet at comfortable listening levels.
  10. Also I posted the information about contributing and some pictures on the following Facebook Groups : Vintage Klipsch Fans Klipsch Fanatics To raise the awareness. Later Bob W.
  11. Donation sent. If you have donations that exceed the cost of the speakers, please use any way you wish.
  12. Which option should I use when sending the donation thru PayPal? options are "pay for goods and services", "friends and family" or "send a gift"
  13. One of the Admin's of the Vintage Klipsch Fans group on Facebook said that when I make a post with the donation link , he will pin the post for a couple days.
  14. If a fund is set up to help the museum get these very early LaScalas, please let me know where and when to donate. Thank you...
  15. Like I posted on the Facebook KLIPSCH OWNERS Group I am willing to donate some money, because they belong in the museum. I am concerned that if a local private individual buys them, when they realize the time and expense to do a proper restore that they might decide to either do a kludged mess to get them working or they end on an eBay auction or they end up in a landfill - instead of doing a proper restore.
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