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  1. domd817

    Belles, Klipschorns, and Cornwall II's

    Sorry I took so long to check the PM's and get back to everyone. Some stuff had come up so the speakers took the back seat for a little while. Anyway, the Cornwalls and Belle's are still available and the PM's have been responded to. Dom
  2. domd817

    Belles, Klipschorns, and Cornwall II's

    Still available. Prefer a local buyer due to figuring out how to ship these monsters.
  3. domd817

    Belles, Klipschorns, and Cornwall II's

    All PMs reply'd to and prices posted. Dom
  4. domd817

    Belles, Klipschorns, and Cornwall II's

    I have been unsure where I wanted to price these pieces at. I have ballpark numbers for the pieces. My PM has been flooded with offers and additional information requests. It has been helping me get an idea where I can realistically move these pieces. All of the members have been extremely polite and helpful so far and I'm glad I joined this forum. If you would like pricing feel free to shoot me a PM. Dom
  5. I have a pair of Klipschorns, Conwall II's, and Belle Klipsch's all for sale. I am the original owner and all are in mint working condition. I am located in the Pittsburgh area. Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss a price. Photos to follow. Klipschorns $5,000 for the pair Belle's $2,500 for the pair Cornwall II $2,300 for the pair