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  1. Sorry I took so long to check the PM's and get back to everyone. Some stuff had come up so the speakers took the back seat for a little while. Anyway, the Cornwalls and Belle's are still available and the PM's have been responded to. Dom
  2. Still available. Prefer a local buyer due to figuring out how to ship these monsters.
  3. All PMs reply'd to and prices posted. Dom
  4. I have been unsure where I wanted to price these pieces at. I have ballpark numbers for the pieces. My PM has been flooded with offers and additional information requests. It has been helping me get an idea where I can realistically move these pieces. All of the members have been extremely polite and helpful so far and I'm glad I joined this forum. If you would like pricing feel free to shoot me a PM. Dom
  5. I have a pair of Klipschorns, Conwall II's, and Belle Klipsch's all for sale. I am the original owner and all are in mint working condition. I am located in the Pittsburgh area. Let me know if you're interested and we can discuss a price. Photos to follow. Klipschorns $5,000 for the pair Belle's $2,500 for the pair Cornwall II $2,300 for the pair
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