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  1. Oh yeah? What year were they manufactured?
  2. Hello. I’m a huge Klipsch fan including Klipsch licensed products such as the Electro-Voice Georgian and Patrician. Over the years I’ve had a lot of Klipsch products including a Klipschorn with a serial number in the lower 200’s. I’ve never owned or seen one inspected or signed by “PWK”. Has anyone here?
  3. Anyone? Keeping it on the DL? On the QT? Actually this thread can be closed. Someone gave me some advice in a private message. Those who know don't want to say in a public forum. We'll see how the listing on eBay goes.
  4. Thanks for the info. What you see in my picture is EXACTLY what the inside of an Electro-Voice Georgian looks like. The Georgian used the 15Wk woofer, the EV 848 mid (seen on MASH), the T-35 tweeter, and the X336 xover/ I assembled this with parts I had laying around because I've had a number of Georgians over the years. I bought the bass horn from someone about 10 years ago. It came with University components. I recognized it a being a Klipsch-type enclosure. As I mentioned above, the difference between and actual Georgoan bass enclosure and this one is the missing tag that is usually stapled on the back. This is why I wondered if Klipsch licensed their design to any other manufacturer. I do believe that Brociner used a Klipsch licensed bass horn but I don't know of anyone else. I figured a historian might know.
  5. Hi, there is a set of 3 TSCM right now on eBay. I would LOVE to have one of them. I didn't know these existed until I saw the ad. Does anyone have an idea of valuation on these? I especially want to know what a pair or singles usually go for. It's relatively easy to establish a baseline for vintage Klipsch products, however these don't come up that often. Any help here would be appreciated! ~Pat
  6. Besides Electro-Voice, did Klipsch license the Klipschorn bass horn design to any other manufacturers? I have had several Electro-Voice Georgian speakers over the years. As far as I can tell, the bass horn is an exact duplicate of the K-horn. I have seen a variation where the front corners of the horn are squared off making the width across the front a bit narrower and the woofer access panel is located at the front of the enclosure. Attached are two images of an enclosure I have. Generally if it were strictly an EV product it would have an EV tag stapled on the rear of the horn. There is no such tag or holes where staples would have been. It does not appear to be a kit from the quality of the construction and joinery. From the design it is most certainly a Klipsch enclosure but I believe it was not manufactured by Klipsch. All the early K-horns I have owned always have serial numbers stamped into the wood in various locations. Any suggestions as to who could have made this enclosure would be helpful and perhaps identifying some of the companies who were licensed to construct Klipsch enclosures would assist in identification.
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