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  1. So my Yamaha RX-A1060 turned up and it sounds so much better and has none of the nasty issues of the Pioneer. If you're reading this thread because you're thinking of getting the Pioneer and you're going to use Spotify, don't... Get the Yamaha
  2. Not yet, its the weekend and they arent open here. The issue is a simple software fault. If you stream from Spotify and push a track at the amp connect, the amp starts playing it. One second into the track, the spotify connect then changes the background picture (TV plugged in or not) to an image of the track (album artwork usually). The update process for that image causes the software to interrupt and this is the cause of the small track delay. its only a small delay but it drives me mad, and it shouldn't be there. A simple solution would be to not play the track until the artwork had been updated. Pioneer shipped a faulty amp to me anyway, so it had to go back and the shop I got it from doesnt have a replacement to swap it with, so I'll push for the yamaha upgrade, push the bug to pioneer to see if they'll fix it but it all honesty, I don't expect to hear from pioneer at all after filing a report. I find it strange that they pushed code out that would do this.
  3. Well I got the speakers and I completely love them. The amp however, what a miserable disappointment. The sound output itself is great. The software on the amp driving some of the streaming services is awful, suffering from sub second audio dropouts, to continual nag screens about allow pioneer to pull whatever data it wants from your amp, to the front bezel on the amp failing to remain up. It's going back and Im getting a Yamaha instead, which was my first choice . I should have trusted my gut and gone with it first.
  4. well, that confirms everything, many thanks to both of you! It's on order and should be here in a couple of days
  5. It will be packed onto a crate and shipped to New Zealand in the coming months, where it would most certainly be 2 to 3 times the price. Nothing is cheap in New Zealand, nothing.
  6. I can get it in the UK for £750 - about 950$
  7. When I can afford a set of monoblocks... I might have to sell a kidney, or a kid for that
  8. Thanks Tasdom, I can sleep properly tonight now.
  9. I managed to get my hands on some RF7-II speakers but no longer have much of a budget for an amp to drive them. I wish I could stretch to a NAD or a pre/power amp but sadly I cannot. I'm finding this a serious learning curve so Ive come to where the experts are. Call me a neophyte I can just afford afford a Pioneer SCLX-701 which also gives me a chance to sell my Bose Soundtouch 130 that's on my TV, but do you think that this Pioneer will be up to the job of driving the speakers properly? I'll eventually throw a front middle speaker on and two at the back but I'm primarily concerned with just the RF7s at the moment Thanks all! Paul
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