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  1. Why does that remind me of Margaret Thatchers quote? “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
  2. Hal

    VTA SP14

    In the late 1980's, there was an ad campaign that basically said "THIS is not your fathers Oldsmobile" I am reminded of that now. Oldsmobile itself, is no longer. I clicked on this one because of the SP14, I was like HEY, I have one of those! Mine: http://www.arcdb.ws/SP14/SP14.html hmmmm, not exactly the product being discussed here however. VTA : "Buyers note - this preamp does NOT have a phono preamp section in it - it will NOT fit inside this chassis!" Sounds line a LINE STAGE amp to me, no phono preamp? Harrumph! At least MY SP14 has a phono preamp.
  3. Hal

    Solid state device rolling?

    Oh Lord No! I roll amps and speakers more than i roll tubes (handtrucks suggested) No way am I going to start rolling SSD's.
  4. Hal

    Leaving tubed equipment on.

    ONE turn on shock is probably more "harmful" than leaving electronics on for a weekend, or a week, maybe more than a month. I once opened a closet door to find the VPI turntable going round and round, and the stylus had played God only knows how many hours of that last groove against the label. I figured the stylus and cartridge was TOAST. After a long listenting session, it sounded fine to me.
  5. Hal

    Dynaco MKIII...

    schu, I have owned many of these over the years, and they sound quite good for what they are. (IF they are in good shape) But for high effeciency speakers at reasonable volume levels? I'd bet dollars to doughnuts any DH sounds much better, at least in the midrange and highs.
  6. Hal

    NOS vs. current production tubes

    I have no doubt about the subtle differences in sound quality of various tubes both old and new production, but the thing that is not so subtle, as others have mentioned, is the ruggedness and longevity of older tubes, especially those that are driven hard, such as in guitar & professional amps. jmho, ymmv.
  7. Hal

    What is this Amp?

    The MV75 is a pretty good amp, sound is similar to a pair of the Dynaco MKIIIs. If you buy it and dont like it, PM me, I would be interested in it working or not.
  8. Hal

    KT77 vs KT88

    what Robert said. While different tubes have different characteristics, its difficult to predict how different tubes will sound in different products. Heck you cant predict 100% how different samples of the same tube from the same manufactuerer will sound, let alone different manufacturers. I will say this however, I have heard more amp designs over the years, that got more things right than wrong, with KT88/6550s, EL34s, and 6L6 varients. But the thing is you never know until you try.
  9. Hal

    What amp for my La Scala's?

    You got a McIntosh MC275 VI to drive your La Scalas? Wow. Serious headroom or ear bleeding volume. Seriously that thing will just be idling most of the time, unless you have no neigbors within a few hundred yards. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE to have a pair of La Scalas AND a Mac mc275 myself, but I would use the 275 to drive my acoustic research AR 90's and buy one of Dennis Had's INSPIRE SEP amps to drive the la scalas. (I am hoping to get one of his amps in the near future for my Heresys, and other vintage high sensitivity speakers)