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  1. so you s ay i should stick with my existing klipsch r-112sws? no need to spend money for PB-4000? i was thinking adding PB-4000 to my existing setup not replacing it with the r-112sws
  2. hi guys i am about to buy PB-4000 and i already have 2x klipsch r-112sw. Does it really make difference to my existing r-112sws?
  3. Hello guys I was going to buy 4 klipsch cdt-5800 ceiling speakers but instead i also wanted to try out the Auro 3d and as the top ceiling speakers do not work with auro 3d , i wanted to buy speakers for height channels.This configuration also supports atmos as well. So what are your advices for height speakers? i am thinking of buying the rp-502s for surrounds and for front and rear heights i am thinking about the rp-500sa speakers.And also i looked for the wall mounts for the Klipsch rp-160m in order to use them as height speakers but appereantly they are very heavy for height channels. Thanks in advance.
  4. That is correct the room's pictures are in the link below but i am deciding to move in a smaller room which is around 18-21m² I couldnt provide a good acoustic in the current room and it is very hard.I am dealing with some echo with the extended boomy bass.
  5. Does it really make a big difference according to the Denon X4400H in terms of sound? I mean , what is the sound going to be like? Will it allow me to crank the volume up more?
  6. Hi guys i am deciding to buy Emotiva Audio XPA5 5-channel audio amplifier in order to drive my Front Left / Right and Center channels with two rear surrounds. i already have Denon X4400H so do i really need this power amp?does it make a noticeable difference? and as far as i read on the internet, Emotiva power amps do some hissing noise or humm whatever it is called.Is that normal? does any other power amp brand make the same noises? and i have read some information about being in phase or out of phase for the speakers.I really could not understand what they have been talking about.What do they mean by phase? if i buy Emotiva, is there anything i should pay attention to when connecting speakers or channels etc ? thanks in advance. Edit: Klipsch RP-260F Klipsch 440C RP-160M for rears 2x Klispch R-112SW
  7. Thanks for the reply. I amdeciding to have 4 subwoofers in total.I have bought 2 female to 1 male y splitter rca cable.The male side of the cable will be plugged into the one of the sub outs of my receiver and i will connect 2 subwoofers from their lfe input.Do the lfe inputs on the subwoofers work even we connect them with a rca y splitter as i mentioned above? Or should i daisy chain with them iver the subwoofers output connections?
  8. Hello guys i currently have 2 x Klipsch R-112SWs and i am deciding to buy R-115sw Does combining two different models make any problem? Won't the each of the sub do their own job with their specs? i mean r-112sw can go deep as 24hz and r-115sw can go 18Hz.Does this difference make any problem? also i am considering to buy the SVS PB-4000 which can go as low as 16hz according to its specs.Does pairing svs also cause any issues? wont the either of the two subs pb-4000 or 115sw take the sound and bring it down to the deeper frequencies after 112sws finish their job at 24hz?
  9. finally i could able to finish my setup.What do you think Denon AVR-X4400H Pioneer Vsx-921 K Klipsch 440C center Klipsch RP-260F 2 x Klipsch r-112sw (one is placed on the left corner of the room and the other one is placed on the right corner of the room next to the bed) for surrounds and surround backs,i have Jamo e350 series speakers. for the ceiling atmos speakers i am using Logitech z906's speakers.
  10. Dear wvu80 I connected a rca cable from denon's height 2 pre out to pioneer's any available inputs like DVD /CD/DVR etc.. White and red rca cable for left and right speakers.Then i choose the dvd in from pioneer and i could able to get sound from the last 2 channels. By the way from the amp assign menu on the Denon i choose the 11.1 channel.
  11. H Hi guys I just build the 7.1.2 atmos speaker setup and i loved it.My avr is Denon x4400h and my old avr is pioneer vsx-921 K. I decided to use it as a power amp to power the other 2 speakers up for the atmos setup of 7.1.4. At this point can you please check my room out if it is okay for the 4 ceiling speakers for atmos.According to the couch placement, i thought the space between the coach and last line of the ceiling for the rear ceiling speakers is enough, what do you think?
  12. i ordered the second Klipsch r-112sw from amazon. i am waiting for it to get shipped.The current one is placed on the right side of the listening area.Where should i put the second one?
  13. Hi guys i have the speakers below for around 15 years(the JVC grey small ones in the picture) and i am deciding to evaluate them as Dolby Atmos speakers in the ceiling. i will go for the setup 7.1.2 .What do you say for those speakers? And the other surrounds and surround back speakers are Jamo E350 series.What do you also say about those speakers? and how is the height level of the surround speakers? thanks in advance.
  14. So, how can i disable crossover on the second sub? should i connect the rca cable to the left and right ports on the subwoofer together and choose the 50hz freq. ? how should i connect the RCA cable to disable LFE on subwoofer?
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