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  1. They do sound amazing Iam actually in the process off treating my room , got bass traps and absorption all ready to be put on the wall but may i ask ( if its okie with you ) to share a few Pictures off your setup so i could get an idea where to place the panels and bass trap. I LOVE THE UPMIXING , just adds something extra to the movies, what format do you use ? Enhanced or Slandered or DTS:X etc. Thank you
  2. Thank you guys for your input iam going to audition the Yamaha RX-A3060 very shortly and report back to you guys. i just have a Question , we have a long listening position ( 3 meters from the center speaker to the main seating position ) the surround back is just 1 meter from that seating position but between the center and seating position , that space we have 12+ bean bags , so my Question would be where to place the surround RP-250S speakers ? Should i place it in the middle off the 3m ? also should i stick with the RP-250S or go in-wall to the Klipsch R-5650-S II , as our width off the room isnt big at 4m and the RP-250s is sticking out. Thank you
  3. Hi Bill Thank you for replying to me , i know i wont go wrong with either , but i want the best one for just Movies that will make you feel like you have entered an IMAX theater , its like when you enter a movie theater its good , but when you enter IMAX from the first sound you hear you are just blown away , that is what iam after and i want the over exaggerated off effects from the surround and overhead speakers Any one who has haired the two brands please let me know and thanks for everyone who is trying to help
  4. Hi Money isnt a factor ( as i get both for the same price via my brothers work ) , i have never used Anthem before ( heard really good things about it ) , have used Yamaha in the past but i liked Audyssey Dynamic EQ and what it dose to the surround effects. the Yamaha is alright , but they say the new RX-A3060 is good so not sure Yamaha or Anthem Thank you
  5. Hi I have Built the home theater of my dreams , But now i need an AV receiver and iam kinda lost , i only watch Movies , and LOVE " in your face effect " especially from over head , my set up is 7.2.4 and consists off the following : Fronts : 2x Klipsch RP-280F Center : 1x Klipsch RP-450C Surrounds : 2x Klipsch RP-250S Surround Back : 2X Klipsch RP-280F Ceiling : 4X CDT 5800C II Subwoofer : 2x SVS SB-13 Ultra Power Amp: Integra DTA-70.1 9ch power amp As you could see its a Big system , but i normal watch a movie no where near the Reference level , not even close to half of that . i would like to ask from these two AV receiver " Yamaha RX-A3060 or Anthem AVR720 " which one would you go for ? also i love Up-mixing off non atmos or DTS:X conent so would like a receiver that dose that pretty well. Room size is 5m x 4m , and its acoustically treated ( with bass traps and sound absorption placed in there correct place Thank you
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