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    Those look awesome ! May I ask where you got the 'cane' fabric from?
  2. Selling a matched pair of Siemens (branded Artisan) silver/chrome plate 12AU7's purchased from eBay (seller ap1278) as testing NOS with about 5 hours on them. These tubes are clean, clear and quiet. No issues. $80 shipped to conus
  3. SOLD -1976 Cornwall Decorators $ 650.00

    I'd be all over these if I didn't already have a pair of '79 Cornwalls as I'm located close by. Great price! I'm sure they won't be around too long.
  4. Cornwall I upgrade to Cornscala

    I've been thinking about doing the same on my Cornwall 1's, but am too scared to start cutting the motorboard . I'm not sure I follow Bob's reply....I'm assuming his 'new' K-600 horn will better the original somehow (in combo with the A-55G)? Any insight or knowledge from others here on this subject would be appreciated (I'm pretty new here too). Thanks!
  5. 6SN7 Tubes

    I use a Schiit Saga preamp which uses a 6SN7 as a buffer. Currently using a Ken Rad VT231 (great bass). I'm always interested in a huge improvement in sound quality
  6. FS: Klipsch KG4 in Walnut

    Up for sale are a nice pair of KG4's in walnut. All original - work, look and sound great! $225, located in SE WI. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/6157158605.html
  7. Cornwall's in the backseat of a Ford Fusion. Fit like a glove!
  8. FS: Klipsch Quartet WO

    Not to hi-jack on my first post, but I snagged those KG4's - rest assured they will be taken care of and enjoyed!