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  1. In your opinion, which of these 2 driver upgrades would you recommend doing first (dual phase K55 or B&C DE120)?
  2. mj452312

    Cornwall placement in weird room

    LOL! Thanks for all the info/input. I've got them in the corners on the short wall now, and the room as a whole sounds a lot better and even throughout, but the sweet spot is in the center of the room 😃. I'll play with the toe-in a bit, and if I get ambitious, I may see how they sound in the corners on the long wall and report back.
  3. I'm interested in opinions on what the best placement for my Cornwalls in this room would be? I feel like currently they're tucked too far into one corner, and I have to toe them in quite a bit to get the best sound. I have been thinking about putting them in the corners on the short wall? Interested in hearing opinions....would doing a 3 channel system along the long wall be worth the effort? I have a Heresy I could put in the center.
  4. mj452312

    Cathode Bypass

    Appreciate the insight here. As with most things in audio, it seems as though I may not get a definitive answer on electrolytic vs film bypassed electrolytic vs huge film (in this application) until I try it in the circuit. The designer mentioned bypassing with a small film cap may help at passing higher frequencies, but wasn't sure the result would be audible. It seems like most agree that film caps alone will outperform electrolytics sonically, but I don't think I'm convinced yet to go out and get some huge film caps to squeeze in . Has anybody tried that with positive results?
  5. mj452312

    Cathode Bypass

    Looking for opinions here. I currently use a single ended amp (el84) that is cathode biased via cap/resistor. The bypass cap values are large (100uf input, 220uf output) so electrolytics are currently being used. I'm wondering if anyone has experience bypassing electrolytics with higher quality film caps? Also, it looks like there's a few polypropylene caps in the ~100uf range (albeit likely the size of a soda can).
  6. mj452312

    Klipsch Klipschorn Corner Horn Speakers

    I thought those Cornwalls looked familiar
  7. mj452312

    Acoustic Research Turntable Advice Needed

    I use a XA. I had it modified to accept a Jelco tonearm. Love it!
  8. mj452312


    Those look awesome ! May I ask where you got the 'cane' fabric from?
  9. Selling a matched pair of Siemens (branded Artisan) silver/chrome plate 12AU7's purchased from eBay (seller ap1278) as testing NOS with about 5 hours on them. These tubes are clean, clear and quiet. No issues. $80 shipped to conus
  10. mj452312

    SOLD -1976 Cornwall Decorators $ 650.00

    I'd be all over these if I didn't already have a pair of '79 Cornwalls as I'm located close by. Great price! I'm sure they won't be around too long.
  11. mj452312

    Cornwall I upgrade to Cornscala

    I've been thinking about doing the same on my Cornwall 1's, but am too scared to start cutting the motorboard . I'm not sure I follow Bob's reply....I'm assuming his 'new' K-600 horn will better the original somehow (in combo with the A-55G)? Any insight or knowledge from others here on this subject would be appreciated (I'm pretty new here too). Thanks!
  12. mj452312

    6SN7 Tubes

    I use a Schiit Saga preamp which uses a 6SN7 as a buffer. Currently using a Ken Rad VT231 (great bass). I'm always interested in a huge improvement in sound quality
  13. mj452312

    FS: Klipsch KG4 in Walnut

    Up for sale are a nice pair of KG4's in walnut. All original - work, look and sound great! $225, located in SE WI. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/6157158605.html
  14. Cornwall's in the backseat of a Ford Fusion. Fit like a glove!